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Red's Savoy Pizza

421 E 7th St
St Paul

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Detail for Red's Savoy Pizza : Restaurant, Pizza / American

Open daily for lunch and dinner. The house specialty is thin-crust pizza. Other items include steak, pasta, and sandwiches. - sys, 09/20/2002

Still the best pizza around. - BeerBellyBuddy, 04/26/2007

We have been out of town for the winter months and could hardly wait for a good pizza, which is something we were unable to find throughout our travels. We just arrived home from having the SPECIAL PIZZA at Savoy's and it had to be the worse pizza we have ever gotten at Savoy's, our trusted restaurant. We did not order a salad, but with the amount of chopped onions, green peppers, chopped mushrooms, pepperoni here and there and the grease from any other meat that was around, we were totally disappointed after a wait of over one hour, when told it would be 35 minutes. Hopefully Savoy's isn't going the same way other noted businesses are heading....downhill. - Pat, 04/05/2007

update! Chefs have changed as has the quality of food. - Bob, 04/05/2007

I haven't lived in Minnesota for 28 years. Every time I go for a visit I have to stop in and get a pizza. I would like to know if you would consider selling and shipping your pizza frozen? The only Pizza we can get in New Mexico is Pizza Hut or Dominos and I can't even call that pizza. - patti2, 11/05/2006

Savoy's; where the wait is long, the people are friendly, there is always a good game on, and the pizza is phenomenal. I would gladly wait the extra 20-30 minutes for Savoy's then get in right away anywhere else in town. - Za lover, 09/06/2006

By far the best thin-crust pizza in the Twin Cities, and better than any I ever had for ten years living in Chicago. I know my pizza, and I know Savoy's is the best! - Paul B, 07/20/2006

Best pizza ever. If Savoy's opened a franchise in Orlando they would have to stay open 24/7/365 to get everyone served. Can I get delivery down here? - T. P. I., 04/15/2006

best pizza in the twin cities - anonymous, 12/29/2005

If great pizza is what you are looking for - go to Red's Savoy!! just be prepared for a wait - all good things are worth waiting for! - Pat Johnson, 07/30/2003

If you like toppings, this is the pizza for you. I think the toppings are generally about 3' deep. YUM. we go for the pizza - I didn't even know they had other food. The atmosphere is working class bar. - Droid, 05/01/2003

I was disappointed. I heard how good there pizza was, so I thought I would order it for my co-workder in my department. I called to place the order and was told to 'please call be later, we are too busy now.' I can find good pizza, and service, anywhere. I'll never order from Savoy's if they can't pay someone to take my order the first time I get through to them. - Tom Fessenden, 04/24/2003

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