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Sgt Preston's

221 N Cedar South

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Detail for Sgt Preston's : Restaurant, American

I went to go close my tab at the bar and they basically told me that the tab was already closed and my card was gone. They gave my card away to a complete stranger and did nothing to correct the manner. The bill that showed up on my card was around $50 when I ordered 3 beers. Hmmm.... rating this bar, all in all terrible service. They like to give away your identity with a smile and then decide to ignore your requests for an hour while serving other patrons of the bar. The manager has not returned my card and I am appalled that this could happen at a place that I trusted with my personal bank information. - Renae, 04/03/2007

I have gone to Sgt. Prestons before or after nearly every gopher football game for as long as I can remember. I will never be back. Today's experience was the worst. We waited for 10 minutes to get a server. Another 15 for our drink order to show up. We then ordered appetizers AND dinners. 35 minute later, after asking twice, our appetizers (french fries) finally showed up. In the interim we sat for 20 minutes with empty drink glasses. Finally, it was game time and we decided to cancel our dinner order. Coincidentally, our meals had JUST been completed. Although nothing seemed particularly hot when we finally got it. The server seemed very insincere in her half hearted apologies. No offer was ever made to try and make it right. We were given excuse after excuse about how busy the kitchen was. Funny thing is that it only affected us. Other tables that sat down after we ordered got their food well before us. Our server seemed annoyed when we paid the tab with exact change and left. I think the lesson of getting the tip she earned may have been lost on her. It's too bad really, I used to enjoy prestons. - Matt, 08/30/2003

Unfortunately, every review you read here is accurate. The service is pretty much terrible. On one occassion we ordred appetizers and had to go get silverware and plates ourselves. The outdoor patio is nice, but not worth the poor service. It's a shame because they have a great location. - CJ, 08/22/2003

A friend and I went to Sgt. Prestons last weekend. The service was slow and at the end of the night the waitress added another person's drinks to our tab. We informed her of this error and she refused to fix it. We then spoke with the manager who was extremely rude and said she did not care if we ever came back again, we should just pay the tab. The fishbowls are good, but the management ruins the atmosphere. - Lisa, 06/10/2002

The beer is overpriced, the food is mediocre bar fare and you'll want to bring your flare gun and a set of semaphore flags, because that's the *only* way you'll be able to attract some attention from the wait staff. Our service ranged from inattentive and incompetent to downright rude. A better option for cheap drinks and food in the same neighborhood? Go across the street to the Town Hall Brewery or Bullwinkle's. - Eric S., 08/01/2001

My most recent experience at Sgt Prestons was horrid and appalling at best. We waited 15 minutes for a waiter and then 15 more before we were served our drinks. We then waited an additional hour for our food, which were appetizers and a few sandwiches. The food order was cold, and in three cases, the orders were wrong. We complained six times to both the waiter and manager, going so far as to get up and find these people so we could complain. After all this, the manager offered no apology and no money off the bill. We even had to ask twice to have a coupon applied that we had given the waiter earlier and had been charged for drinks that we were told were unavailable. Bottom line, dont bother with unless you have time and money to waste, and enjoy being ignored and disrespected by the staff. - Amy, 07/31/2001

The outside patio is nice but the service and the management are lacking. The food is just OK and the service is very slow. But if you go you have to try a fish bowl! - Meg S, 05/31/2001

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