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T J'S Family Restaurant-Edina

7100 N Amundson

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TJ's of Edina is the best pizza in town! All the servers are very cute and friendly and also very knowledgable about the menu. I have never had a problem with my to-go orders ever! I have become friends with the cook Hameed and he is the best! - Frank, 08/17/2008

Get there early for lunch or you'll be waiting...the place fills up and then some over lunch! The huge burgers and enormous buffalo salads, gyros are what keeps me coming back. The food comes incredibly fast over lunch..I don't know how they do it so quick and its always fresh and delish. One of my co-workers and I like to call it Edina's best kept secret and family owned! - connie, 05/15/2008

They have great malts and parents love going there for dinner for the warm and friendly atmosphere. - carol, 05/15/2008

Like home away from home...same waitresses for years...they know you by name and they know what you want. Nice to come across a place like this in Edina which isn't a franchise. Truly good food at a good price. We always go there for Sunday breakfast because theres no wait and quick food. - dewey, 05/16/2008

We have been going to TJ's for years. about 5. The spicey chicken pasta always was awesome and so are the French Dip Sandwiches. but over the years, their low prices have gone up and the portions and quality down. now sometimes you get a good cook or a bad cook? or somthing wrong because it is hit or miss to the point where it has been more miss in the last 6 months. as a result, we do not go there as much. back in the day, about 3-4 years ago, the food was so good everytime and their ceaser salad was even so good and included sliced black olives (or maybe greek olives) that they do not add in any longer. now th efrench dip does not have that special yum how do they get that good flavor that is used to, and the pasta is ok to bland when it was always amazing. we never take out, just eat there. always good service and like the family run one off feel of the place. but it can be very cold there in winter too. Please get the old cook back! we miss the good food we used to get there. - kozmo, 01/03/2008

I too have had problems with every to go order. Every time something is missing. Is it too difficult for the employees to check the order before it goes out?! Who eats salad without dressing or french toast without syrup? Very annoying! - meesh427, 03/06/2007

Our family has dined at TJ's quite a bit -- we love the kids menu for our little ones and the variety for us adults. Their pizza is very good! While the salads are a little lacking, we like the food, friendly service, and family-owned feel of the restaurant. We like the prices, too. We'll go back again and again! - Kathy, 03/20/2005

I frequently order food to go at your restaurant and I have learned to check my order before I leave. In the past there is always something missing, meat with a salad, cheese missing from my salad or even BBQ wings instead of Buffalo. This time it was cumcumber sauce, along with extra feta. I was charged an extra $1.00 for my greek salad. In the past, I have never been charged for extra cheese. I'm guessing it was the CHOPPED feta or maybe I was a bother. Maybe I would get a better meal if I dined in but I'm guessing that would not make a difference. It is a good thing your restaurant is in Edina. I doubt it would make it anywhere else. I will not be taking out food any more from this establishment. I am guessing this dosen't matter either. Remember, word gets around. I hope that one dollar made your night. - Laura, 09/25/2004

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