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Tequilaberry's (closed)

133 N Coon Rapids Northwest

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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 5 planets.
     Of the many times that I had the pleasure of eating there, I had on several occasions the special prime rib dinner. Although after the salad I really didn't want anything else, even the prime rib. This was my first experience here the rest of my visits were learned from my first visit. The prime rib was offered in the loft only for awhile, but after the line out the door, they realized it was a hit. I don't know what happened to the place, whether it was Management, price differences or or employee dissatisfaction. Anyway (WE) miss it terribly. People are correct when they say it was one of, if not the best restaurant around!!! I've been to many worldwide, this one the best as far as I'm concerned.
           - HotToddy .. Jul 25, 2015 13:02:50

I need your salad recipe, please send it asap. I have to have it and my 13 year old daughter says she can live on that alone. -, 01/10/2003

Can I have your salad recipe for our Christmas Dinner, My family is craving it again. Thanks - Margaret, 12/23/2002

Dear everyone at Tequilaberry's My husband and I want to thank you all very much.We had are wedding reception in the banquet room.The dinner was great you all were wonderful to us and everyone at the party. We thank you so much we coudent have asked for better service or a better place to have are celebration thank you for starting out are new lifes together as wonderful as you all did and also we want to give a special thanks to Bard with all your help you are a wonderful person! Thank you all very much!!! - Lori Kuhlman, 10/01/2002

Fisrt I would like to say this is the best place I have ever ate at. And I've have travled from the east coast to west coast and there has only been one better but that was about 100.00 per plate. Too the lady and her family who had a problem as YOU said,'These things happen we all know that!' Well if you know that why would you expect free dinner. Myself would have talked to the Mrg got the contact info and sent them a bill for dry cleaning. There's a difference between a valued cutomer and a stuck up one. - To All Wet, 09/30/2002

The salad is alive and kickin' out here in CO too. As a former employee of Tequilaberry's I know the secrets to the salad, so when I moved to CO, and tasted this salad at a restraunt out here, I knew where it came from. To disquise it as not being identical, they added red onions and croutons to the mix, and when I questioned the owners, the just said that it was from the restraunt in MN, but the just made it better. Just wanted to let people know about it, and that if you ever come to Echo Basin Ranch in Mancos CO, you can have a great dinner too. - anonymous, 09/18/2002

To Whom It May Concern, Last night, my husband, myself, and another couple had attended dinner at your restaurant. We love all you can eat prime rib! To make along story short we had eaten our salad, potatoes and finished up our first helping of prime rib. We decided to order another round. Along came the waiter with his serving tray full of drinks and prime rib for all....when all of a sudden we heard him say oh oh the whole tray and all toppled on top of us and crashed onto our table. My husband was hit on the head by the tray or a plate??? My bother in law pulled steak from his lap and my sister pulled a broken plate from her lap. I luckily was unscathed and dry. They all were wet from the sauce.. These things happen we all know that! But the most disturbing thing was how the waiter and management staff handled the situation. The waiter had to ask us to move to another table. He then came top us at the end of our dinner and offer us a 25% off our meal and two free brunch certificates. We were shocked at this offer. Are we not a valued customer? We asked for the manager on two occasions and waiter said he would handle it. He then came back and said that the manager okayed the dinner to be free but never offered the free brunch certificates. As we were leaving I asked to speak to the manager again, and began to tell her of the events and how disappointed we were. She handed us the brunch certificates that the waiter had prior and said she was sorry. The manager did not even offer us a free DINNER. I told her we may never come back again and you can bet we will tell our friends... who will tell friends!!! Again what value are we as customers? - anonymous, 04/15/2002

They have THE best Prime rib all around the country and their salad is TOP NOTCH!! Did I mention that there's an ALL you can EAT option during most of the week!!! Great place to fill your leg! - Austin, 11/29/2001

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