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Tucci Benucch

114 W Market # W114

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Detail for Tucci Benucch : Restaurant, Italian / Mall of America

We hosted the wedding rehearsal dinner for our son and daughter-in-law on october 11, 2003. the food and service were the wonderful. will you please share your recipe for baked spaghetti?? it was the best!!! thanx so much! - Joanne S., 11/07/2003


I absolutely love your baked spaghetti. While dating my now husband, I would not hesitate to drive to Minnesota to see him if he promised to take me to Tucci Benuuch. - Craving Tucci, 10/15/2006

We celebrate most family birthdays at your restaurant and want you to know we appreciate the consistently high quality of service,delicious food and restful ambiance. Thank you for being a part of our family tradition. Would you be able to share your recipe for baked spaghetti with me? - michelle in Wells, 05/08/2003

My fiance and I love the baked spaghetti served at your restuaraunt in the Mall of America and would love to have your secret recipe. Also we love the

Minneapolis , Tucci Benucch

-, 12/21/2002

My family LOVES the spicy marinara sauce...PLEASE send me the recipe!!! - Tammy from California, 07/11/2002

Love your restaurant. We discovered it 3wks ago when we moved to Minnesota from Texas. We have been there twice now. I love the Angel Hair Pomodoro. (if you care to share the recipe my e-mail address is My Husgand loves the Veal Parmesan. The food is wonderful and your staff were outstanding. They added to the whole dinning experience. I know where I'll be having my birthday dinner. Tucci Benucch a pleasure in dinning. Thank you - Louise in Shakopee, NM -, 03/29/2002

We were at the Mall of America over the weekend and I had the pleasure to dine at Tucci Benucch. I order the Baked Spaghetti. It was the best Italian food I have ever had eaten. Would it be possible to get the receipe? Would love to see a Tucci Benucch open in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area!! - Kathy G, 12/02/2003

Ate at the restaurant with my son and he loved the spaghetti meat sauce. Willing to share the recipe? - Jan, 03/10/2001

Hi, I visited Tucci Benucch in the Mall of America and fell in love with the Pasta di Fagioli. Any chance I could get a recipe? My e-mail address is Thanks!!!!!!!!! - Karen in Ohio, 08/21/2000

You have excellent tasting minestrone. You also have very attractive, and professional looking staff. - mb, 12/31/1999

Had dinner at your MOA restaurant last night and had the baked spaghetti. It was delicious! Do you give out recipes? If so, I'd love to try it at home. Thank you - wolakrl, 02/24/2007

We moved to Wisconsin and my wife complains she can't get your baked spaghetti anymore. Can you send me the recipe so I can surprise her by making it for our anniversary? Thanks. - jake, 03/08/2007

Love eating at your resturant. The food is so wonderful. Would you share your tiramasu recipe with me. I live in Iowa so do not make a trip to Minneapolis as much as I would like. - Deb Jones, 04/11/2011

I have been to the Mall of America in Minn. 3 times over the last 2 years while attending business meetings. I have eaten there everytime that I go. I always have the baked spaghetti. I live in Tennessee and there are no Tucci Benucch's even remotely near. Do you ever share your recipe for your spaghetti as it is my favorite and I would like to make it at home? Thanks, pamcanter - Pam Canter, 01/29/2009

We and a group of about 60 golfers hit the Twin Cities last week for a wonderful golfing vacation. My husband and I had dinner Friday evening at your restaurant in the Mall of America. 5 of us had your baked spaghetti which was just wonderful. Wondering if you could share your recipe since we live in California and might never get back to your restaurant to enjoy this great, tasty dish. You could emil it to me at: Thanks so much for the wonderful meal and ambiance. Diane Hays-Hoag - Diane Hays-Hoag, 07/13/2008

Please share your recipe for baked spaghetti. I'm having a team dinner at my home for my daughter's soccer team and would love to serve our favorite Tucci Benucch dish!!! - Betsy Gallagher, 04/19/2008

During the years I was an officer at the Mall of America, Tucci Benucch and Twin City Grill were my favorite two places to go to for great tasting food and fun. There were a lot of places at the mall that actually were super for service and generous to the officers on staff, I have very much appreciation for lots of wonderful memories, but the absolute memories at Tucci Benucch due to the love of good Italian food and beauty.. There aren't photos posted on the internet yet that capture its true appearance. I am planning to be in the area March 9th with a reservation in advance. I will try to take some better photos if they will allow me to use my camera to do the searchers of really great experiences- a better view to compare. - Patti, 02/14/2008

I visited the Mall of America a couple of years ago and dined in your restaurant in the mall. That had to be one of the best meals I ever had and I have had quite a few. Could you please send the recipe for Baked Spaghetti (it was white, ordered marinara sauce on the side). Thanks - Dorothy Woods, 11/16/2007

Relatives who moved to Vegas dying for baked spaghetti, will you share the recipe? -, 04/07/2007

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