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Harry's Last Call

9521 N 7th St

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Harrys Last Call is a great neighborhood bar!!! It's a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a drink.The bartenders are the best in phx!!!! Come and check us out!!!!!! - anonymous, 08/07/2011

at first seems like a good neighborhood bar with up front honest owners but you soon realize just how fake this place is no wonder they can't keep a good bartender!!!! they put cheap whiskey in the jack daniels and jim beam bottles as well as the tequilla and vodka!!!! if you work for them good luck getting paid!!!!! - anonymous, 08/28/2011

This place is a real flippin dive . very high turnover of bartensres . Shows what management is like but seems to still survive to sunnyslope drug sceen . go fugire. - yaz, 06/19/2011

Harry's Last Call is a curious blend of rock n roll, ethnic comraderie, kareoke, pool, and earthy neighborhood reality and drama. In my experience, the best feature of this bar, by far, was the ownership; followed closely by the wide cross-section of patronage. Having a strict dietary resriction poses a special challenge for me and while the closest

Phoenix , Harry's Last Call

competeing bar determined it either inconvenient or otherwise labor intensive to fulfill my request, Harry's Last Call ordered my specialty beer, making it available to me within 2 days. Their clientele ranges from local hangerson to business people to international revelers who all enjoy the service, milieu and flexibility of the management. Of particular note is the management's clear and defined priority of creating and maintaining a safe environment, with a zero tolerence to violence or aggressiveness. As an often alone woman, it was always comfortable knowing the patrons could be friendly and hospitable but I'd never be in a situation that was uncomfortable, abusive or intolerably annoying. The pool tables provide plenty of elbow room eliminating a cramped conflict with the other bar traffic. There's a small dancefloor offering flexibility for events. The small but clean restrooms are out of the traffic flow and I've never seen a line or had to wait. Especially convenient was the noticable presense of astute patrons to intervene in even the slightest of conflicts. This again, I credit to the unconventionaly involved management.
- kat, 01/15/2010

I love this bar! This bar has a family vibe to it, kind of reminds me of the TV show CHEERS. Harry's is a family owned bar that welcomes all people of all ages. Friday and Saturday nights are Karaoke nights, plus every Friday there's a pool tournament. And very soon there will be beer pong tournaments. I can't wait. Come join the family! - anonymous, 01/05/2010

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