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Hurricane Bay

4139 W Bell Rd

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Detail for Hurricane Bay : American / Karaoke

First off the music is about the only thing keeping the place going anymore. If you play too much ghetto music you get a ghetto crowd. Most of the bartenders are ok, except for the ones that take an extra dollar or two when they know you aren't paying attention. I know this all to well. Trying to rip up the carpet and paint the walls is not going to make this place any better. - Knows all too well, 12/17/2008

hello i want to have my party at yur night club.. yu can get me at - isaac, 12/24/2008

I agree with the last poster. Marky Mark was THE best DJ! He'd play requests without making you pay up 5 bucks, and if he knew you were there, and a regular, he'd just play the song for you! He was there until 2008, then the bar went downhill after MM left. Great crowd of people, older and younger, and those who love to dance would be there enjoying the music! Not the same any more. Good karokee in the back, pool tables, Jeremy is a super bartender. Crappy free buffet Friday nights. Parking is there just as a way to make more money off you. The cops park behind the place to keep pissers and non-apartment dwellers away. - Tree, 11/14/2008

About 2004, I think, the DJ was Mark. He played a very good selection. Something for everyone. the 60's for us older folks, 70's, 80's, etc. Around 8:30 or 9:00 the music swithced for the younger crowd that came in. Now, the DJ's don't play requests unless they feel like it. They did not play any of the 60's that had been requested. They play a lot of the same "rhythm" songs, that gets quite boring. I wish they would go back to the mixture from 5:30 - 8:30, before they play music for the younger set. (this was on Friday nights) Mark....where are you?????? - k, 09/18/2008

Cool bar. Karaoke setup is pretty good - sound, mics, etc. Song selection is not very good. They need to invest in more Karaoke disks or go PC based. Usually a good mix of people -- different ages etc. Packed on weekends. - UncleFire, 09/28/2006

Ladies Night on Wednesdays 9-11. 50 cents drinks for ladies but there is a $2 cover charge. There is no other place around this area that has those kind of specials. It is a fun place whether you want to have a wild night or just relax. Great mix of people- lately when I go to bars/clubs I feel like I am surrounded by a bunch of young kids with fake id's. This is by far the best place to go around this area. - sarah, 09/13/2006

I was at the club last night (04/21/06) it was awesome they had a mixed crowd of people (young and old) with an awesome dj playing a wide range of music...i will def. be back for more the best club ive been to in a long time - Elizabeth, 04/22/2006

Club has ok decor - The DJ plays music NO ONE would dance to 1/2 the night and refuses requests for dance tunes - Friendly Staff - Drinks are a bit pricy - Eclectic mix of people - Meat market atmosphere on weekends - Lots of cops keeping the peace. - Alia, 03/26/2006

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