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Scorch Bar

21001 N Tatum

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Detail for Scorch Bar : Nightclub

BEWARE..... This place sucks bXll sXck. The bartenders' charged me different prices for the same drink all night. They claim Rihanna was coming. She was supposedly near and putting on her lipstick, but 20 minutes later, she didn't make an appearance. How long does it take to put on lipstick? The workers are rude and have a creepy guy with a camera taking pictures. If you have time, go to downtown San diego because you will meet classier, better looking people, and you will not get cheated out of your money. - Rollin Deep in SD, 04/13/2008

Looks like they are going to close down the place. They got scorced. - Al, 03/04/2008

I went to Scorch on Saturday, December 29 and one of the Bartenders charged me a wrong price, which was $40.00 Then I tell him it was wrong he changes it to $32.00. And I gave him $3 tip which totalled $35.00 NExt day I checked my balance/transaction history and I was charged $45.00. I called and left a message and said what happened and got phone call back. I wuold like to

Phoenix , Scorch Bar

receive a phone call back, or unless I'll file a dispute. Thank You. Branislav V
- Branislav Vujic, 01/04/2008

Bartenders are the best in Az! The staff are so much fun! especially the bartender from boston that works on outside patio, and he is cute! Music is great, guaranteed to have fun - jenna, 10/12/2007

Scorch is the music, love the look, and love the people who work there! the bartender looks exactly like j timberlake.. the cocktail waitresses are WAY hot...there is a new owner ,who is gorgeous! shes down to earth...very sweet! everyone there is seriously so attractive... such a beautiful place! - anonymous, 10/31/2007

I loved the atmosphere and the music and videos were cool. Mixed crowd and cool management. Check it out! - Jewel Taylor, 06/15/2007

Scorch Bar is the best place to be for the dancing and the friendly staff. The DJ'S are great and keeps the dance floor going. Go check it out and see for yourself. - Destiny, 05/11/2007

You got's to check it out in order to know how much fun you can - Tina/Yankee/Bx girl, 04/07/2007

Best place to be on Saturdays! Dj plays the best music in town, great atmosphere! - sonia, 04/21/2006

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