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Deemo's American Grill

2501 E Camelback Rd
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Detail for Deemo's American Grill : Restaurant, American

This popular new neighborhood spot is a great place to grab a beer after work, watch the game, or enjoy a bite to eat with friends. Menu items include appetizers, soups and salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and pasta. Entrees, mostly in the $10-$14 range, include herbed-marinated chicken and grilled flat-iron steak. Live music on Saturday evenings; Karaoke on Wednesdays. - Alotta, 07/26/2005

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone looking for a good time. Way overpriced drinks are served by the slowest bartenders I have ever seen. Main female bartender moves at the pace of an 80 year old with protruding hemorrhoids, and sneers at customers with a severe case of bitch-face. She definitely is nowhere near hot enough to warrant the arrogance and attitude she displays. The only reason to ever go here is for the awesome karaoke host they have. Those are they only nights that the bar ever has customers. Management however, has seen fit to mistreat the regular patrons and the hosts of the karaoke night. I was there on a night when a potentially hostile situation arose with newcomers threatening bar regulars. The bar manger dealt with it by chastising the karaoke hosts and leaving grounds leaving the situation unresolved. With such terrible management no wonder the place is always empty, which also explains why they have to overcharge for drinks, to make up for low volume in sales. - Bea Arthur, 06/19/2008

I do not often comment on other establishments, however I was completely disppointed and insulted by the service, quality of food and the unprofessional manner in which my dislike was addressed. It seemed to be understaffed for a Friday before St. Patty's, but then again it wasn't especially busy, about 50% full/empty. I ordered a Guinness and the Ribeye steak. It took particulary long since they seemed to barely be able to keep up with 2 bar and only 1 server. Steak was a New York not a ribeye and Medium, not Medium Rare. It was mealy and inedible. The Baked potato I ordered with it never came. I took 5 bites and could not bring myself to eat it. Unfortunately I decided to give them a chance because Houston's is 50 ft away was very busy. Lesson learned...wait for what you know is consistenly great quality with excdeptional service. Deemo's gave me a nominal discount off my bill which was 3.20 cents off the bill and comped two beers which were on special. I let the bartender know i was more than happy to pay for the beers but it was clear i did not eat not enjoy the meal which was incorrectly substituted and incorrectly cooked and incompletely served. The long and short of it is despite being in the industry I was not playing that card until I realized that their sense of treating the guest properly and attempting to develop patronage include apologizing but not fixing nor winning me over for a second visit ... - disappointed and insulted, 03/17/2007

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