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8777 N Scottsdale Rd

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Detail for Dish : Restaurant, American

Opening in August 2007! - wm, 07/27/2007

Needless to say, if your going to open a restaurant or retail venture, do your homework. Dish is the perfect example of lack of experience through execution. Probably the reason that so many restaurants and retail openers close is due to idiots and their money. The concept changed constantly, absolutely no consistency. Nice investment. - Inigo Montoya, 07/24/2008

So excited were we to have an upscale market/bistro to offer a wide selection of food in one place. The grab and go section is the best, with the exception of the salads - for $9 you get a very shallow bowl of greens and skimpy meat. But if you go for the Chicken Picatta, Meatloaf or any of the other more substantial meals, for the same $9 you could easily feed two. The grill area had a decent rueben on flatbread, but again for a $9 sandwich, it just seems a bit steep. You don't get the side salad, drink or cookie like you would with Paradise Bakery down the way for the same price. If you need

Scottsdale , Dish

any last minute items for a party, dinner, etc. you will find top of the line items here and pay top of the line price. Some of it is very good and worth every penny - some is not. Growing pains of a new establishment perhaps.
- Ding, 12/17/2007

My husband and I went to the Bistro restaurant yesterday for the very first time which is located inside the DISH establishment. Much to our delight it was "happy hour" and the pricing of appetizers and drinks was at a discount. We ordered the cheese tray and 2 glasses of wine. Our waitress was pleasant and she recommended some wonderful Oregon Pinot Noir wine. The decor was very Tuscan modern and it was quite nice ambiance. Everything was wonderful! and it cost us $16.00. We will definitely return and check out the "grab and go" next time! Satisfied customer. - zflicka, 12/06/2007

Dish is a wonderful concept with wonderful food but poor execution. I went recently with my family. We set up camp in the deli-side of the restaurant and off I went to get dinner for my 4-yr old and myself. Once I was finished, my husband ordered his food and was told it would take 10 minutes to prepare it. That's the are the pros and cons to the experience: Pros: 1) Great for kids - casual environment 2) Fantastic selection 3) Good food!!! This cannot be emphasized enough Cons: 1) So much waste! For two adults and a child we threw out 4 plastic containers and because the containers are not microwave safe, we had to use 3 more plastic plates. 2) Hubby was told 10 minutes for his meal, it took more like 30. So, he didn't even get his food until after daughter and I were done. Management recognized the issue and gave us a gift card toward a future visit. 3) Items are not priced in the same manner across the establishment. Some are priced per item, some are per pound, and some are per container. Be watchful or you can really overspend. All in all, if they develop a consistent pricing process and use a better packaging scheme, we'll be consistent customers. Until then, I just can't justify it. - Erin, 10/23/2007

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