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Fattoush Restaurant

4426 N 19th Ave.

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Detail for Fattoush Restaurant : Restaurant, Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern cuisine includes kebabs, salad, chicken dishes, minsaf, and baklava. - Alotta, 07/18/2005

Hi There, Iv'e lived here in Phoenix area for 3 years and i have to say ive been to all the Middle Eastern restaurant's including Biaz, Haji Baba and all the so called greek restaurants that are really not greek they just throw in the name for some reason...anyways this place is honestly the best in authentic food when it comes right down to it in my opinion. I would say it's close to a Lebanese dish as you can get in the valey of the sun all though i think the owners are from Iraq but they sure know how to prepare an authentic mediteranean dish. They have the same family working the kitchen so the food always taste the same and i think this is GREAT! The food is truly tasty and their fatoush is the best in the valley!! Prices are good and the service is friendly. I give it a 5 stars for authentic..... - ZOGHBI, 06/27/2008

Great Med family food restaurant! - Carlos (Concierge), 04/12/2007

An excellent restaurant with an interesting and engaging choice of dishes. Even the basics get special attention here: The rice is the best I have ever had - very light, with an essance - just a hint - of saffron(?). The lentil soup is so good I just wanted more and more. Well, until the main dish arrived. Then I forgot all about the soup. The Kafta Kebob and the Chicken (or beef) Shawirma are sooo good! The gyros is as good as I have ever had (and I have had them many times in many places). Their shrimp with garlic was very special, too. I wanted to save some to take home, but could not stop myself from finishing every morsel. Yum!!! And please, do not miss dessert. It is a wonderful end to a great meal, whether it be lunch or dinner. Dining in this quaint restaruant is not your normal strip mall cafe experience. It is very clean, very nicely decorated, and the friendly, attentive service is exceeded only by the cuisine. And, as if that is not enough, they serve a variety of vegetarian dishes (I am a carnivore, myself, however). Try it and you will be a believer. See you there! - michael l., 10/13/2005

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