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Italian Grotto

3915 N Scottsdale Rd

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Detail for Italian Grotto : Restaurant, Italian

This restaurant is a definife candidate for Gordon Ramseys 'Nightmares'.The owner is not only rude and obnoxious he suffers from A 'soup nazi' attitude.The food is middle of the road. Carrabas beats this 'wanna be italian'anyday.Do your self a favor dont eat here. - David Watts Clarke, 10/20/2007

I thought the PLACE was a riot . The owner is defintly from new york. i found it VERY charming and the food GREAT. I had a blast.... not for the stuffy crowd. Only go there if you want to have FUN. - susan BROWN, 06/03/2007

I would not recommend this restaurant to my worst enemy! My wife and I were tourists last week in Scottsdale and happened to stumble into this place. We were seated and ordered our meals, I had the canneloni and my wife ordered the ceasar salad, which she asked if they could put grilled chicken on. The waiter said no problem and we recieved our dinner sometime later. In addition to the food being very bland, the problem started when we received our check. I was astonished to see that they had charged

Scottsdale , Italian Grotto

$20.00 for the salad, which was on the menu for $7.00. Doing the math, they had charged $13.00 to add chicken. Well, I have traveled extensively and have never been charged $20.00 for a chicken ceasar salad anywhere, even at a 5 star resort, which this place is far from being. I asked our waiter politely if we could speak to a manager, he informed us that the owner was there and we could speak to him, we said perfect. Well, when the owner ( Gary ) came to our table, he sat down and I never even got a chance to explain my problem, he immediately became extremely rude, abusive and indignant to my wife and I. He began swearing and told us to pay what we wanted, he didn't care. His language was extremely strong and offensive, in front of all of his customers. We were astonished and I told him that since he had an attitude like that we wouldn't pay anything! He said he was going to call the police and it got really ugly

Scottsdale , Italian Grotto

after that. He must have been drunk or something. I have never in my life been treated this way by the owner or manager of any establishment anywhere. Bottom line is that a person like Gary, does not deserve to have any customers patronize his establishment, he deserve to lose this business. I hope you will not suffer the same treatment as my wife and I did should you decide to go there, but I highly suggest you don't. It has left a very bad taste about Scottsdale in our mouths!
- cal737ca, 05/09/2007

Gross Gross gross. The food is terrible and bland. The marinara is tasteless and watery. Veal was greasy and tasteless. I've had better Minestrone out of a can. Their 'tomato bread' was tomato and cheese melted on stale old bread probably to hide that fact and charged $8 for it. The waitstaff indifferent and rude. Will NEVER step foot in there again. - Cindy, 02/25/2007

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