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JP Pancake

9619 N Hayden Rd.

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Detail for JP Pancake : Restaurant, Breakfast / Sandwiches

Menu items, as the name implies, include buttermilk pancakes in several permutations. Also offered are several sandwiches. - Alotta, 08/04/2005

I ate recently at JP Pancake and had amazing service. The Apple Baked German Pancake is to die for. The apples just fall apart in your mouth. My husband had one of the omelettes, and it was also wonderful! The baked pancakes take 20 minutes, but are definately wortht the wait. - Katie, 01/26/2008

The reviewer complaining about the prices and service is absolutely right! Stay Away from this overpriced, underdecorated and over rated restaurant! You get ONE piece of toast for $2.25!!! Coffee is $2.25!! Give me a break. I'll NEVER go back...go to Butterfield's or The Good Egg and get better service, food and prices. This place is definitely not worth the wait; on a busy day or a slow day...a total waste of time and money. - claudia, 07/05/2007

I must have had the same server/owner as "disappointed, 01/21/07". I had eaten at this previously lovely, quirky restaurant with my sister and we both loved it....until today when I brought my husband in to see what the fuss was about. I brought in a cup of Starbucks coffee, and was informed that they "did not allow coffee to be brought in from outside the restaurant." I was asked to take my coffee back to my car, which I did. 5 minutes later another couple arrived with steaming hot cups of coffee from somewhere else. No one said a thing to them. So my husband went back out to the car and brought my coffee back in. 5 of 10 minutes after that our server came to the table, puts a mug in front of me and informs me that the reason the other couple was allowed to bring in "coffee from the outside" was because they "do allow coffee to be brought in from the little coffee shop two doors down, and if I was going to sit and sulk I had to put my coffee in the mug." It was not said politely or kindley, but with rudeness and disregard for a customer who did not know "the rules" involved in being a customer there. Had the server given me the all of the information on the front end I would have filed it away for another day and continued on with my breakfast. My husband (who by the way did order coffee)and I left without eating and went to the Good Egg for breakfast. While it is apparent that the restaurant does not want new customers, a simple and gracious way to have handled this was to offer me a mug for this visit and share with us "the rules", or perhaps have it posted somewhere so that customers could see it before they walk in. So instead of having a customer with a bill for $25.00 plus a tip and customers who thought they had found a lovely little neighborhood breakfast place, they got $2.00 for a single cup of coffee, and lose three customers, plus the possibility of other word-of-mouth customers. No food anywhere in this town is worth putting up with that kind of service, especially if this server was in fact also an owner. - also disappointed 07/01/07, 07/01/2007

you know what, that person doesn't know what they aer talking about. I LOVED JP PANCAKE AND EVERYONE WAS VERY NICE AND HAD A GOOD SINCE OF HUMOR AND I ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH!!!!!!! - pancake luver, 05/12/2007

I have eaten at JP pancakes several times. Their pancakes are outstanding, especially the baked apple one! Their french toasty is pretty tasty, too:-) - anonymous, 03/30/2007

I tried JP pancake yesterday because I heard how wonderful it was. I was very disappointed! I asked for toast instead of meat with my breakfast combo. This didn't seem to be a problem until the bill came and I was charged for a side of toast - no problem, I would just point out the oversite and the 2.25 would be removed - right? It ended up being this HUGE deal with a waitress claiming to be the owner being SOO Unbelievably Rude - shouting at me and saying there are no substitutions and you ordered it! Over $2!!! She went to the kitchen where I heard more arguing over the $2 toast! She came back arguing that the waitress told me there were no substitutions - never happened - at which point I said 'forget it, I will pay for the toast and never come back'. She was so incredibly rude and confrontational that I asked for her name and the owners name. She proclaimed 'i am the owner!' - squabbling over $2!! To lose repeat customers! It was a very unpleasant experience and prior to that the service was poor and the coffee and breakfast expensive. I will never go back - disappointed, 01/21/2007

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