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Philadelphia Sandwich Company

7158 E 5th

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Detail for Philadelphia Sandwich Company : Restaurant, American

When we walked in the door we wondered if we should try their food; however, of all the places we stopped for a Sandwich or Lunch in the Phoenix & Scottsdale area the Phili. Sandwich Co. had the BEST Sandwich for the BEST Price anywhere !!! PW & RW from South Dakota - PW & RW%So.Dakota, 02/06/2009

the only after hours spot in scottsdale, this is the place to be and be scene.......and the food is good to, but after 2am the party dosen't stop it just moves to 5th ave .....check it out and get a WIZ WIT!!!! - the real, 09/03/2008

the real is working for that other joint, PSC is the bomb! - the reals mother, 07/20/2008

What a dump! The food is horrible and the service worse. Incompetent and rude employees. Have to be really drunk to eat there! -, 06/07/2008

This place is horrible. They aren't from Philly, but thats ok. The steaks are so greasy and disgusting, cheap meat, gritty and they skimp on the mushrooms, onions and cheese. The place is filthy, my feet stuck to the floor and my arm turned black from the counter.

Scottsdale , Philadelphia Sandwich Company

Then they claim to have tastycakes and wise chips, LIE! they have neither. They don't wear gloves or hats and I saw a guy smoking in the kitchen. Way OVER PRICED, I will wait to go back to philly to satisfy my urge!
-, 05/07/2008

PSC is the shit! Where else in AZ can you go at 3am and get a cheese steak and listen to 2Pac? Get wise Jack! - Ocean, 04/15/2008

Alumni Meeting at the Philadelphia Sandwich Company was Great! Bread is sooooo fresh!!! Cheesesteaks are fantastic so large I had to save the rest for lunch. I also got Tastycakes and Wise chips and left with a bag of WAWA coffee. This is best place in the Phoenix area for the Philly sandwich at its best and open 24hrs 7 days a week is the best. - University of Penn Alumni, 04/24/2008

who there is from philly??? i'll tell ya nobody!! there all fro jersey that's right jersey!!!! - the real, 03/18/2008

At least I got one!!! - the real, 03/18/2008

I tried Philly Sandwich Co and was very disappointed. I am from Philly, and i was not impressed by their cheese steak. I do not plan on going back. And as for the whiz-wit, you are mistaken if you think that is the real Philly way. The real cheese steak uses white american or provolone, not whiz, Unless your a Pat's fan. I tried this place on Indian School that is called Ricky's Big Philly. Now that is the way a true Philly steak is done. Take it from me, it is the best in AZ. - Valeria Richman, 11/05/2007

Wow What a spot, 24 hours and great food, what else can one ask for. Get a side of Mac & N Cheese Wedges or Sweet Potato Fries with your Wiz Wit. I love getting a breakfast Sandwich before I go to work. - John, 11/06/2007

OPEN 24 Hours, I love that I can eat there at any time. check out the website, - Kevlar, 11/21/2007

"the real" is an idiot. - the reals mother, 11/07/2007

These sandwiches are legit! Now that they re-opened 24 hours I love getting breakfast on my way to work. The sausage egg and cheese is definitely worth getting up for. - Dave G., 10/18/2007

the place is just not the same since the family from philly sold it. the sandwich's are smaller and everybody in there now thinks there gangsters sorry but i'll never go back - the real, 07/14/2007

amazing afterhours scene!!! great food, music , and people. nothing else like it, (they have a dj on the weekends and sometimes durring the week!!!) must see - sd dj, 06/30/2007

If you were looking for a Wiz Wit and thought that you had to go to freakin' philly to get it, you are wrong. This place does it up better than anywhere, and like home boy smoke d z said, it is hoppin' late night. Trust me, I have found some hunnies there after a night out! - The WIZ MAN, 03/16/2007

Order the cheesesteak 'whiz wit''s the only way to eat it and it's the way real Philadelphians do it. You can't go wrong! - anonymous, 11/03/2006

the steaks are the best outside of philly, and the after hours scene is slammin on fri. & sat. nights. - smoke d z, 10/17/2006

The food is oustanding here! It's like walking into a little pocket of Philly, right here in Scottsdale. The steaks are just like what I got when I lived outside of Philly! - Sammi, 01/09/2006

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