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Shabu Fondue

3400 W Chandler Blvd.

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Detail for Shabu Fondue : Restaurant, Fondue / Japanese

Located near Chandler Fashion Center, this upscale restaurant combines the cooking methods of fondue and Japanese shabu-shabu. Start your meal with fondue, select shrimp, chicken, prime rib, or rib eye for the main course, and finish with chocolate fondue. - Alotta, 08/12/2005

I have been to Shabu Fondue several times, Chiks dig it. Its a foo foo gimiky place where you get to dip your own food in your choice of cheese, or if you should order any meat, you get to dip it in some sort of broth, the portions are skimpy at best. Desert is good if you dont mind melted chocolate dipped fruit, somores, or a slice of cheese cake. no refills on my drink even when asked. waking up at 3 am with a belly ache from too much coliflower dipped cheese, is not my idea of a good meal. The sevice staff was not experenced, slow and a little dumb. the place is very noisy. To top it off, three days later they charged me a $350.00 tip on top of my $127.68 tab, Still trying to get it straitened out, with my bank and Shabu Fondue, No apoligy from Shabu Fondue. There are better upscale places to go in the valley of the sun. If you should get a hankering for some thin sliced meat, cheese, vegies and stale bread. Subway would be a better choice, - Masnest, 05/15/2007

I was excited to try Shabu fondue as I have been to the Melting Pot Many times and have made my own fondue on several occasions and wanted to see if the 'Mildly priced fondue' was worth it. It was NOT!!!!! Save your money or better yet double it and go to an decent fondue restaurant. The Service was atrocious First, they brought us the wrong Cheese fondue and then trying to convince us that we would love it rather than just fixing the mistake. Second, the Flavor of the cooking style of which there was only one (OIL) was non-existant. Finally, the Server over charged us for our entry and then disagreed with us when we brought it to his attention. I would never go back to this place and would advise those of you considering it to avoid this place at all costs. If you want fondue spend the extra money and go someplace else. - Fondue Man, 01/13/2007

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