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Sushi Brokers

17025 N Scottsdale Rd.

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I brought four of my friends to happy hour after raving how dynamite sushi brokers was as far as experience and sushi pricing went. When we arrived we experienced below minimal service in the first 45 minutes and then noticed that the happy hour prices have increased across the board. This immediately made me look foolish. I believe that the increase prices will hurt business based on competition within the area. - Frequent Sushi Diner, 04/04/2007

My family and I have been patrons of Sushi Brokers for many years but as of now we will never return again. We enjoy the food and service very much thanks to sushi chef whom always selected the best cuts for us. But all good things come to an end especially when the patrons are so toasted that they have started hitting on my underaged daughter and her friend. Apparently liquor is free flowing to anybody that can still breath, and when young men so become intoxicated that they act improper and use foul language in public it is time to patronize a new establishment where

Scottsdale , Sushi Brokers

the management has respect for the comfort of all their patrons.
- BDS, 03/31/2007

I love sushi brokers, my boyfriend and I eat there at least once a week. we get great service, great food, and all at a very resonable price. It's a nice relaxed pace, you do not go here to rush - e, 08/03/2006

My husband and our 2 kids used to eat there at least once a wk. for a yr. Tonight was out last night! Beware of their 'table only for 6', that was reserved and when the group showed up decided they didn't want. They wanted a different table, (but there's only 1 in the house that seats 6), so the hostess sat them at a table for 4 with 2 extra chairs. My family was waiting the whole time - before this table arrived and after, and another 1/2 hr. after that. We are in there at least once a wk. and tip heavy for those waitresses, but not anymore. The worst was the manager who along with the hostess was combative with my husband- saying 'relax, there's enough tables for everyone', not understading at all the situation. Once we sat down he didn't even come over to check on us, or offer anything! Such terrible service. We used to go there for the happy hour but the horrible management/service isn't worth it!! Stay away. Is this how they treat return customers?? Very sad and they've lost our business completely. - irishmexgirl, 05/30/2006

I love happy hour. I think that's the only time I eat there. There are lots of great deals on the happy hour menu. It is very easy to eat under $10 - sushi lover, 10/25/2005

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