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2613 N Central Ave

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Detail for Switch : Restaurant, American

I was there for my birthday earlier tonight and was so impressed that I will definitely be returning on a regular basis. The service was outstanding, the food was Fantastic and the ambience was elegant, yet relaxed. I was almost expecting for the service to be somewhat snobby or fake, but our server was very knowledgable and genuinely friendly. I was having kind of a disppointing birthday until we got to Switch. It was the oasis in the desert for me. Kudos to the staff! I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone. Definitely beats ANY chain restaurant and is worth the treck into the downtown construction. - BennieBoy, 11/19/2007

Switch is a relatively new restaurant, located at the corner of Virginia and Central Avenue, in Phoenix, Arizona. While many of you may be inclined to avoid the traffic on Central Avenue, this restaurant is well worth braving the barricades. When you walk into Switch, you are instantly greeted by a warm and stylish atmosphere. Shortly thereafter, their team of friendly, well-trained staff follows suit. Quality customer service is the name

Phoenix , Switch

of the game. Additionally, their food is an ecclectic mix of exciting flavors. You will be hard-pressed to find many items that are ordinary. Each of their sandwiches are unique combinations; and all of their entrees are priced very reasonably. Check out the restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I have never been disappointed. Sincerely, Scott Jeffery Chairman, Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Owner, Voice Image Professionals
- Scott Jeffery, 11/01/2007

Three great experiences so far... Two lunches and one dinner. Salads were great, soup was awesome, and lots of cheese/choices on the cheese plate. - J. David, 08/21/2007

I found the food to be DELISH, and the servers to be quite friendly and attentive. Granted, we got there right at 11am when they opened. Im sure they are still working out the kinks, but i will definitely be back. The sangria chicken sandwich rocks! - Gill, 08/04/2007

Both times that I've been in there, it has been amazing...great service, wonderful food, and the most relaxed place I've been too since Mpls. Thank you and keep up the great work! Be seeing you again, soon! ~Brent 602.501.4725 - Brent, 08/08/2007

I absolutely love this place...wonderful food, fast service & wonderfully cute atmosphere...only complaint wish they had a website so that I could attach the link. - Arielbe, 08/03/2007

Good food -- lousy service -- lots of order mix ups. Hope they improve in the service area -- if not, it won't be an option for lunch. Couldn't even get a refill on our drinks. - Patty P, 07/26/2007

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