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Wagon Yard

2625 E Bell

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Detail for Wagon Yard : Restaurant, American

RatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 4 planets.
     Good times, friendly faces!
           - urban cowboy .. Apr 12, 2013 21:26:14

RatingRating     Rating: 2 planets.
     The food was good the first time. But second time the peppers and the onions were raw and Eliot had the nerve to tell us customers didn't like it cooked so much so now he makes it like this. Definitely just doesn't care what he says. Both visits we ordered the Philly Steak Sandwich. Oh and the first time was definitely steak and second time was Not. When we were there the first time the new owners told us that Eliot will be there for a few more months. We didn't think anything of that. But after our second visit I felt that was why he said that. He was trying to not say anything bad but let us now it's changing. In my opinion after our second visit and conversation with Eliot when he came to our table because we had complained to the waitress. He definitely is chasing away old and new customers. If you go here and experience this, tell the owner or someone else not Eliot. And give them a second chance, I am. This place has potential we talked with the new owners and they are already changing for the better.
           - healthygal .. Jan 29, 2015 14:15:32

I found this place to be very welcoming and fun. I dropped in after a couple of friends suggested it to me. I lve karaoke, and Stormy put on a good show for us. Kept the music going. Lots of good singers and dancers. Quite entertaining. Sound system was great too. Ran into a couple other friends I knew from long ago. The couple that goes there every week, rave about the food, portions are very ample and they have a buy 10 card and get one free. Way to go... I'll be back. - Jody, 09/09/2010

Stay away from this restaurant. They have a problem with Joe Arpaio enforcing the law. Not only do we find this unpatriotic, we don't think they need to be receiving hard earned American money. GO JOE! - a legal citizen, 03/31/2008

I used to dine here regularly, but the new owner, Elliot, has a lot to learn about customer service. He participates in the Entertainment Book, but refuses to honor their coupons. Sure knows how to make a good customer never set foot in his place again! I

Phoenix , Wagon Yard

wouldn't recommend anyone patronize his establishment!
- Sondra Winslow, 03/22/2008

It's a typical neighborhood restaurant/bar - you'll see the same faces everytime you walk in, and they're all friendly - Inexpensive good quality food - awesome karaoke sound system - the karaoke host is "Storm", and he puts on a quality show with lots of energy - I try to get over there at least a couple of times month - wish I could go more often. I have recommended it to friends & family. - cowboytim, 09/17/2007

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