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Can Can Room

3155 Industrial
Las Vegas

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Detail for Can Can Room : Gentlemen's / Adult, Strip

Rating     Rating: 1 planets.
     they have horrible service dont go
           - niki j .. Jul 08, 2013 14:26:58

My son recently turned 21. My husband and I took him to Vegas to celebrate. One of the things he wanted to explore as a "coming of age," experience was simply a lap dance at a Vegas strip club, but he didn't do research prior to the trip. He and my husband ended up at Can Can Room. They were charged $40 to get in, and I guess that included two "free" drinks each. He then bought a private room for $200, which he thought would get him a private half-hour lap dance with the girl of his choice. He also went to the ATM machine to get "tipping" money and was charged an outrageous terminal fee of $13.20 just to get the money to tip the dancers. Once the room was secured, my husband left. After giving away the $40 tipping money and buying a few more (watered down???) beers at $5 a pop, and being constantly approached to see if he had selected a dancer, he chose one and proceeded to the room. He assumed

Las Vegas , Can Can Room

the $200 room fee included a half-hour dance, but once inside the room, the dancer required more money. Brett gave her his last $29.75 but that didn't buy him a dance; she just sat on the bed talking to him about everyday things. - BRAZEN7, 09/07/2006

Yesterday (07/03/2011) I went to can can room. i have decided not to go to this place again. Here are the reasons why U shouldn't go to this place. 1. girls are very ugly 2. beer is tasting like a water which they gave in a plastic glass. 3. Waste of money ( they asked me 250 for vip and 150 for a Lap dance) 4. Waste of time 5. there are only 4-5 girls 6. the audience are only 6 including me on a long weekend 5. One of the worst gentleman's club I ever seen Please don't go. the people who are writing good reviews are definitely who is working in can can room. - smartguy007, 07/04/2011

If the Sapphire Club up the street had not rejected us based on my boyfriends attire we would never have

Las Vegas , Can Can Room

gotten to have the experience at the Can Can Club. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and was told that the Sapphire Club had a dress code and he was unacceptable. THIS just pissed him off because others outside the club were not DRESSED to the nines. I had never been to a strip club but my boyfriend had and I was following his lead. At the Can Can club we were "talked" into a couples VIP Room and at first neither one of us really understood what we were buying for our $350. They never did explain what the $350 covered. We went into the main dance club and watched two girls dance and two other girls joined us and finally I picked one girl to take into the VIP room. She was very sweet and attractive. We were a little nervous especially when the Older manager lady came in and explained that the girls were independent contractors and that we were expected to "tip" them more money before the girl danced for us. It was kind of odd the way she told us the more we tipped the dancer the better the "dance" would be, it sounded like we were buying a hooker. My boyfriend (who is not a pussycat) felt very awkward by this "transaction". If they had explained it better then we would have felt more comfortable. We told her at first no tip but felt guilt-ed into it as she started to dance while I watched her give him a lap dance and eventually became much more intimate when I got involved. We were in the room for about 45 mins. I got to touch her and she touched me but he didn't touch her. He was trying to behave. In retrospect we had FUN but while going through it we felt a little taken. The manager lady presented her self poorly and came off like a madam at a whore house. We might consider going back to the Can Can Room if we didn't feel like we were getting ripped off because we did enjoy our time with the dancer. I wish I remembered her name, I think it was Cali.
- novice C, 06/11/2011

Stopped by the Can Can Room while partying in Vegas over president's day weekend, and I had an AMAZING TIME! I've been here before a few years back but if it was the same place I don't remember having this good of a time (I was pretty drunk the last go around)! The place is small compared to the mega-resort strip clubs Vegas has to offer, but I don't go to strip clubs to admire the size of the room. Its all about the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, and boy did this place have some beautiful ones. I'm not fond of the fake boob, platinum blond 40+ year old mother of two that you usually find in strip clubs; I don't think there was a girl here over the age of 21! After walking in, I was greeted at the door by several of the entertainers, and a pretty young cashier who took my cover. I was escorted to the main floor by one of the dancers who chatted with me for a minute before being called up on stage. For only being 18 and 19 years old, some of these girls dance like porn stars, and before I knew it I was buying a VIP room with the same girl who walked me in. I won't go into detail but suffice to say I had a HELL OF A TIME! Everything was priced moderately, girls were beautiful, VIP rooms are more than you can ask for...I will definitely be back soon! - Michael Schoover, 02/23/2011

I met Precious at the Can Can Room. She was awesome in the VIP room. She was not my initial pick. My initial pick was Michelle. Michelle had the body of a goddess. I wish I had more money to get with Michelle. Yes, it's expensive. $700 dollars gone and I only got with Precious. But it meant a lot to me since I was a loner in Vegas and single and the experience was intimate. Plus it was a non busy late weekday night. It is what you make it out to be. All strip clubs are a business out to make dough. As long as I get that intimate experience then I can deal with the cost. Glitter Gulch is one example of wasted money(fast paced and pushy and no intimacy). - Bellerophon, 09/14/2010

The only thing what was true about this place is that its the oldest strip club in Vegas... Went there in July 2010... 30$ cover, just beer or soda in the bar - each drink 20$... Plus beer tasted more like water! Was empty an 1 o'clock in the morning!!!! There was scary lady with manly voice laying and rolling over on the stage - didn't even bother to dance. As soon as we walked in they started trying to convince us to get private room for 200$ for 30 minutes... we spend 20 min in that hole and left looking for better place for the night! Which was right next door called Sapphire ))) the same cover, full bar, plenty of gorgeous girls with beautiful bodies! NEVER NEVER go to can can room...don't waste your time and money!!! miserable place!!! - kristina, 07/21/2010

that was the worse strip club ever.hands down. they just hustle you for money.and ugly girls dancing on stage topped off with their best in show 60yr old stripper.I will NEVER go back.. - brandon, 07/17/2010

This is the biggest shithole of a strip club on the face of god's green earth. It cost us $50 to get in. We left after being there for less than ten minutes. I am not kidding. We were there on Friday, March 12th so this is not some out of touch ten year old review. It is a fucking dump!!! There was absolutely no one else there except for us and the girls were sad and pathetic. We immediately took long hot showers when we got back to our rooms just to get the skank off. Truly, without a doubt the biggest waste of money in my entire life. If anyone writes anything positive about this dump they are either on crack or work at Can Can. - Bob, 03/12/2010

What an awesome place! Great women! Great Drinks! Great Crowd! Actually thats a complete lie. We paid $20 to get in, paid $33 or 33% (whichever is less) for the ATM fee, we got two free disposable plastic cups of warm Milwaukees Best (which was also watered down) of which we only drank one cup of. Only to sit down and watch a stripper who was so stretched out from having kids her belly was jiggling and hanging there while she danced. It was REALLY depressing. Oh but did I mention? The halfwitted, cross eyed, fake voice hostess came out and offered us FREE pizza to enjoy the horror show. Because our appetites were outstanding between the ravaged female uterus dancing on stage and the horrid warm beer, I guess you could assume we were starving. Did I mention they offered Hawaain or Supreme pizza? AMAZING. Needless to say we left with quickness when a disturbingly young girl took the stage while one other guy in the room who could be named "chester the molester" was a completely satisfied onlooker. Dont EVER set foot inside this establishment. And if you do may God have mercy on your soul. I pray for you and your family as you will probably have a much better time inviting Satan into your home. - JSack, 01/11/2010

Started going to the Can Can Room in 1984 and the Club was a great Strip Club back then. The girls were young and pretty. If they were under 21, they worked at the Can can Room because there is no alcohol. Many great trips there, that's for sure. However, I went there this year after a 10 year hiatus and was extremely disappointed. It isn't about the stage show and the girls anymore. It is about hustling you into a back room and getting as much money as they can out of your pocket. Shame on the owner of the Can can Room, Sam Aldabbaugh for allowing a once great club to become such a dispicable place.I'm really disappointed! - CH, 2009, 10/27/2009

I have lived with my family here in Las Vegas for over 20 years, and the Can Can Room has always been one of my favorite places to unwind. I can’t believe someone would write a negative review for the place…its been here for so long, and I can’t remember having a bad time when I went. All I can say is check it out for yourself, I think they even offer to give you the money you pay at the door back if you don’t enjoy yourself. - TGun, 07/27/2009

I must be the only person that actually enjoyed my experience at this club? I was told at the door it would be $30 unless I had a local driver license. I didn't, and I didn't want to pay $30 just to walk into a place, so I started to leave but someone (VIP host? Manager?) stopped me and said if I bought a drink or two he would let me in for free. I went into the club, and a waitress seated me and took my drink order. Two beautiful girls immediately sat on either side of me (this seems to happen a lot when I go to strip clubs; guys miracles happen if you dress nicely). After chatting for about 10 minutes with both of them they offered me a 30 minute VIP dance in a bedroom for $300. I caved and they took me back to a room with a bed and chairs. Once back there they told me that the VIP dance was just that; they "dance", where they played with each other and put on a show on the bed but I could only watch. If I wanted to join them on the bed it would be extra. At first they wanted $200 a piece but I told them I would only do $200 total, which they went for. There was alot of rubbing and grinding and touching but no sex or anything like that, which I wouldn't do anyways. It was a great time and I ended up giving them both another $50 afterwards. All in all, not a cheap experience but it was the best VIP room experience I've ever had, and for $600 I would say I got off cheap (there have been nights in other clubs where the bill would mysteriously reach the 2 or 3 thousand range and I wouldn't have half the fun!) I would say check this place out. Oh and after I paid for the VIP room they comp'd all my drinks! - Ryan, 07/23/2009

just back fron can can room(2/28/2009),.As I entered the lady at the reception told me about $30 cover charges. I paid that and then she hounded me for a private bed room.I told her that i'll be deciding it later, she kept on saying "are you positive, its fun, we have wonderful bedrooms ...etc". I resisted. I had been there for lap dance. I was escorted by a stripper and then sat in front of stage. The ladies are nice, but they kept on askigng me for a dance one after another. Thanks to my conscience , I thought it will include whole sex so I said no(since I am married). Later a girl named Holly came and she was very nice and intelligent, spoke to her for around half an hour , she didn't even mention about the dance, but rest of the girls came and forced me for a dance. You have to be strong willed to resist as its very tempting when they talk about fun in the bedroom.Finally I decided to come out, even a guy who stood in the parking lot forced me to buy a bedroom time for 30 mins for $150. Thankfully I denied and I am more relieved after reading all the reviews that I didn't wasted the money.I was also told that 30 mins for $150 and then whatever happens inside is private and between you and the girl. I hope people read the reviews before they go there. AJ - AJ, 02/28/2009

Worst club ever. They Rub you for $250 for a 30 minute show. Then you finally get a girl in the VIP room and she wants another $250 buck tip!!! I walked out with $400 charge, not even enjoyed.and I've told it's not gonna show on your credit card but it's showing in capital CAN CAN ROOM. - alex, 02/13/2009

Can Can Room is totaly a rip off, I am suprised they don't shut it down. It's ridicilous. I paid $250.00 for the VIP room, that supposely get's you a room with a dancer for 40 min. I picked up the dancer and I entered the room first, then the manager came in to the room and told me that I need to pay $200.00 additional for the dancer to be close to me. That's 450.00 total. They also said that what happens inside the room is between you and the girl, well that's total bull because nothing can happen, sex is not aloud so why they tell you what happens inside the room is between you and the girl. Don't go to Can Can Room, total rip off. I regret going there. I should not paid the additional 200.00 and should of sticked with the VIP price, lesson learned. - In VEgas for fun, 06/09/2008

Must pay up front for private room(that is a house charge only) then not knowing what to expect you get charged again by the girls who are independent contractors renting room. This is not cheap and girls are very weak in trying to satisfy you. Dont waste your time, go have a nice lap dance from an expeirenced club. Girls even argued on who went next onstage next , because they did not want to go up cuasing down time for what few patrons were there. - Ripped off/worse place ever, 05/31/2008

My friend and I spent last weekend in Las Vegas and (stupidly without prior research) decided to try out the can-can room. We were fooled when we heard about the "big special discount" of $150 for 30 minutes in a bedroom, and upon entering the private room, another dancer comes in with greasy fingers and a bag of 99 cent lays potato chips, explaining that it was necessary to pay another $250-$500 + tip to the dancer to get the full experience since the dancer got none of the paid up front $150. She then explained how nice the club was to give us a free bottle of water that cost $10 (!!) and such a great discount already, and that we would get nothing if we didn't pay more. We then found out $300 later that we receive what they call a “bed dance” for 30 minutes according to a timer which actually already started during the astronomical price negotiations. When the dance started, touching the dancer was just about prohibited while she moved operationally somewhat like a struggling fish out of the water, and then about 15 minutes into the dance we were told to sit on a chair for what became nothing more than a crappy lap dance. When the bell rung, the manager of the club gave us a few pornographic DVDs and acted like she was our friend by joking around with us while a big bouncer watched us carefully during our exit. After all, who wouldn’t want to be someone’s friend for 30 seconds after receiving over $900 in less than a one hour period? We’d be interested in hearing about other peoples’ experiences. It would be wonderful for this place to burn down—honestly. - ks, 01/25/2008

Worse place to waste money, I however loved my dancer, but for the price I paid, total rip off like the other reviewers have said. They were however nice enough to give us a discount on their rip off... a discounted rip off... nice... - Regret, 05/05/2007

these clubs believe, apparently correctly, that there is an endless supply of suckers. They charge what the market will bear and these outrageous sums that people have obviously been paying, show that the typical person who comes to this town has as his original intent the primary objective of handing over all of his money. My own experience was having a dancer pounce on my lap without my request and then telling me how much after the song was over. I parted with a few bucks but then knew that they would seek out anyone, employing the most deliberate of tactics. - likewise shafted, 11/11/2006

Girls there were alright, nothing impressive and by the way, they do forget to mention that after paying $250 for the private room they charge another $400 bucks for tips. I guess they wait until your in the room hot and heavy before they spring you with the surprise. I recomend you NOT go. - Surprised, 10/18/2006

Worst club ever. They hustle you for $250 for a 30 minute show. Then you finally get a girl in the VIP room and she wants another $250 buck tip!!! I walked out after paying the $250 charge, of course, no refunds. - Richy Rich, 11/30/2005

The can can room was the biggest waste of $300 I have experienced in my entire life. - Larry F., 08/28/2005

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