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Carnaval Court

3475 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas
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RatingRatingRating     Rating: 3 planets.
     My husband and I go to Las Vegas at least once per year. We're also from Ohio we usullay fly out of Cleveland, but this summer, we're going to try Akron-Canton. The best bang for our buck has been through. They offer great rates, the option to buy transfers to and from the hotel from the airport, and the option to buy show and event tickets. I highly recommend the site. You'll have a wide variety of flights and hotels to choose from (check out for recommendations). We've stayed at NYNY a few times LOVED IT; Luxor okay, but too far south on the strip; and next time we go we're trying MGM Grand. All of the hotels offer a variety of dining, nightclubs, and entertainment. The choice really depends on your preferences.We usullay go in December and June. June is warmer, but (I know you'll understand since you're from Ohio) December really isn't too bad either. A lot of people gave us funny looks for wearing shorts last December, but we were comfortable. The only downfall to going in December is that a lot of the shows break for the holidays.Have a great trip!
           - Riena .. Aug 24, 2012 17:14:44

Located in the Harrah's complex; live music nightly. No cover - two drink minimum. - sys, 12/15/2002

Located in Harrah's this fun outdoor complex is known for great live music and cute guys behind the bar. Open Sun-Thurs 12 pm-2 am, Fri-Sat 12 pm-3 am. - Alotta, 10/01/2006

I saw a band at the outdoor bar in the Carnaval Court on May 16th, 2006. I thought they said their name was The Crashers and I fell in love with their music. that bar rocks-it is one of my favorite places in Vegas!!!! I go there every time I visit Vegas, which is about 2-3 times per year and if I stay 3 or 4 nights I am at that bar at least two nights!! - Kristi J, 07/15/2006

Without doubt this is the place to be when you visit Vegas! Forget being in-doors at some over priced nightclub, Carnival Court is the business!! Wicked live music from "The Crashers" who are simply awesome, stacks of drinks to choose from, brilliant atmosphere and some of the best times I've had in Vegas. I've been to Vegas 3 times,

Las Vegas , Carnaval Court

and can never wait to get back to Carnival Court, it's fantastic!
- Joe Macca, 04/25/2008

Best place to dance and have a drink. We went almost every night and it is going to be our first stop next time. - Red 10-19-07, 10/19/2007

This place is, by far, one of my favorites in Vegas! A few times a year and we ALWAYS are sure to spend at least one night at Carnaval Court! The "TALL" Long Islands are the best! - Chris, 05/04/2007

i went to carnaval court on the 7th of april i remember most of my evening but i wish some1 could fill in the blanks I do know that i had a blast - Annie, 04/22/2007

Yes, I too spent some time at Carnaval Court Aug. 2006, and the entertaining Bar Tenders along with the wonderful band 'The Crashers' made it a memorable night. You won't find a better sounding rock band, who has the ability to perfect a cover tune. - Shawn- Detroit, MI, 09/11/2006

I first discovered Carnaval Court when in Vegas with a friend in June, 2005. I have been back three times since then, and on each trip I/we spend

Las Vegas , Carnaval Court

a great amount of time hanging out, listening to music and people watching at this fantastic bar. Good food, good drinks, great bands with no's a fun place!
- John D., 08/28/2006

Carnaval Court is the highlight of one of my countless trips to Vegas. No cover, live band, and the some of the best looking and most talented bartenders EVER. If you want entertainment and a nice show for the eyes, pay a visit here. - babyVega, 07/29/2003

This is the best and most fun place to hook up and just have a great time. My two girlfriends and I spent the entire time here instead of going to all of the other clubs where you have to pay an outrageous cover charge. Good live music. HOT HOT HOT Bartenders (all guys). - WILD VEGAS GIRL, 01/15/2003

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