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Crazy Horse Too (closed)

2746 S Industrial
Las Vegas

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Detail for Crazy Horse Too (closed) : Nightclub

Closed to make way for more condos, in early 2008. - wm, 06/07/2008

I went to Crazy Horse Too for the first time and had high expectations after reading reviews of the club. Man, was I disappointed. First, there was a $30 cover instead of the $20 I expected. Then only a few steps in the door a dancer grabbed me and asked me to go have a dance!! Girls are very aggressive in this club! Later, I got a VIP dance. Two of the three songs were completely air dancing. Cost - anonymous, 02/17/2007

I visited Crazy Horse Too in April of 2006,I met a beautiful young lady by the name of CoCoa, she was the nicest, most respectful woman to possibly meet in a stipclub.I recently returned to find that she is no longer there do to choice of management. Needless to say,I am no longer a customer, in my opinion, the decision to let her go was a bad business decision for the club, they should hold on to the few exotic, and full figured women,that they have.Everyone needs some

Las Vegas , Crazy Horse Too

variety.Not all customers are from Las Vegas, people come from different places,and like different things.
- anonymous, 09/08/2006

I went with my husband of 6 years and had an EXCELLENT time! The gals are very good looking and really made me feel comfortable. To be exact, Rain was the one I really liked. Very kind and tasteful. I had never been to a club like that before and let's put it to you this way, we've been back twice in 3 months!!! Ladies, do not be intimidated by Rain... she is a lady - PF, 01/28/2005

My visit to Crazyhorse Too was my first ever to a strip club. I was amazed at how beautiful the women were and how many there were of them. I was content to just watch the action until I saw a stripper named 'Misery'. She was so good at what she was doing she forced me to empty my pockets for a lap dance. Best investment I've made. - TJ, 11/08/2004

Watch out what they charge on your card! I left and was charged $880.00 that I did not authorize. My card disappeared in the club for 2 hours and no one could find it for me. BE CAREFUL! - DR. R GUTIERREZ, 03/22/2004

Best damn strip club I ever went too. Honestly I don't like strip clubs, but I do like Crazy Horse Too. - Rick, 08/12/2003

Awesome place. Make sure and ask for silke. - colorado kid, 06/17/2003

Crazy Horse Too is by far the best strip club in Vegas. The girls are beautiful and friendly and it doesn't have the feel of being a sleazy place. Be sure to take a trip back to the VIP room - a bit pricey but well worth the trip. Be sure to get there early because it gets very crowded after 11:00 pm and tougher to get a girl's attention. I'd bring no less than $200 for dances and drinks. - Golfer Tim, 09/17/2002

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