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Hogs and Heifers Saloon

201 N 3rd
Las Vegas

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Detail for Hogs and Heifers Saloon : Bar / American

LOVE THIS BAR!!!!!!! Every time I visit vegas I have to come for the fun!!! Don't come dressed up and bring a bra to share!!! good thing I don;t live in vegas because i would be here all the time. The money I've spent her was well worth it!!! - Jennifer Ludwig, 09/07/2011

I come from England,and I would definitely say this is the best bar in vegas.It is not as touristy as Coyote Ugly,and although you might get some grief and insults off Kim and the rest of the bartenders,they are all top class and I have no complaints and always recommend it to my friends in England,although some never find it.Look forward to my next visit. Nigel[England] - nigelreid8435@btinternet.comdemo, 11/28/2010

I don't know about these other whiny bi**HES making comments on this page, but I had a great time at this bar. Brews and whiskey are reasonably priced considering it is Vegas. The bartender broads get wasted with you and it is an all around good time. If you don't normally hang out in biker bars then you may leave and write

Las Vegas , Hogs and Heifers Saloon

lame comments about a cool bar on the net. Larry from Reno
- M.F. Larry, 05/25/2010

I just wanted to say that i meet a very nice person at the Fitzpaticks casino on May 18,he was a biker from Washington who brought his two boys and a couple of friends for one of his sons 21st birthday... we went out to the Hogs and Heifers Saloon, and had a great time ... i wish i could do it all over again... wishing he could find me... thinking of him alot... miss him too... he said he was going to bring the boy the next night but dont know if he did... Thinking of you in MASS. and hope you are thinking of me Betsy - Betsy Ma., 05/22/2010

Skanky...bartender girls are liars. One of them said someone in our group threw a bottle at her???? we were on one end of the bar and she was on the other end blowing in her blowhorn. A plastic bottle rolled off the bar that she knocked over earlier...our friend got kicked out...there went their tips (and we were probably the best tippers in the house that night)...dumb girl...if he would of even wanted to throw a bottle at her (which he never would), he wouldn't of missed. Never again. - October 2007, 10/15/2007

I stayed across the street in the what use to be the Lucky Lady in Feb 06 for 2 weeks so I pretty muched lived in H&H and I loved every minute of it. The owner was cool the bouncers were cool and the bartenders (most) were just awsome (KIM). And hey military get the first round free - mr red hat, 10/23/2007

Ihave been a local customer for 9 mos. In that time I have always had a great time,I've brought family fron out of town,other friends that ride /or not ride. I never complained about the price of the beer and I've always said "thank you" for the service,beers comped,and even the free gifts I have won on bike nights. I don't think I am a cheap person, this is the price I feel I pay for the price of good sassy entertainment, But when Kim has confusion behind the bar and ask me to pay twice for two shots that were already poured, consumed and paid for and did not budge, as if I lied to her over $14,I was made to feel like a liar, this dosent sit well with me. A fellow biker paid for the shots after me repeadily had asked him not to,he not only whitnessed kim's error, but the lack of an apology,he also was just as offended. Kim tried to make it all better in her mind by offering me a free bottle of water for my saddle bag,thanks, but no thanks. Kim,Michelle, you have lost a loyal customer, I'd rather sit in my garage and pay my kid to open my bottle of beer for $5. - local customer, 09/01/2007

Hogs and Heifers Saloon is pretty unique, and the bartenders are rowdy. The loud, mouthy, blonde bartenders will do a little cowgirl dance on the bar and hurl insults at you, and they'll ask you if you want to do some shots with them. DON'T DO IT...they'll give you a very, very small "shot" (it's more like a sip than a shot - no exaggeration) and charge you way too much. My husband and one bartender a small shot each, and myself and the other bartender had the "shot" the size of a sip (literally - I barely even tasted it - I am not kidding!)and they charged us $30!! This place is okay if you just want to stop in for a beer but that's about it. - Overcharged customer, 05/09/2007

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