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Pogo's Tavern

2103 N Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas

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Detail for Pogo's Tavern : Live music

As the friday night jam sessions continue at Pogo's I'm amazed at the amount of great talent that continusly shows up to play their horns and enjoy the other musicians. This past friday we had three GREAT alto sax players who induvidually and collectivly blew the walls out. No ego problems, they all leave the egos at the door when they come in. Its great to not only play music with these people but even greater to sit there and watch them talk about what is going on in their lives. - dick fazio, 01/23/2008

Again Pogo's captures the live jazz scene in Las Vegas. There is no other place in town where you can go and hear 18 musicians playing "Take the A Train" except maybe a big band concert. Pogos, for almost forty years, has been the place to go on friday nights to hear some of the finest out of work musicians in Vegas. To me this is an indication of what is going on with the music scene in Sin City. It used to be the norm that if you played you worked. That has changed and is now if you play you go to Pogos on Friday night and play. Come on down any friday night and I guarentee that you will hear some of the best improvised jazz anywhere. Oh and by the way soon the friday jam sessions will be on utube so keep watching and listening. - dick fazio, 01/02/2008

In this town of Las Vegas Pogo's remains the only place where you can go on a Friday night and hear anywhere from four to twenty different horn players and vocalists, and be reminded that in july 2008 Pogo's will be celebrating its 40th. anniversy of friday night LIVE jazz jam sessions and still pay the least for a quality drink. We continue to see new faces at Pogo's and that tells me people are getting tired of the run of the mill stuff they hear and see at other Vegas venues. Granted the quality sometimes is not the best but keeping a 40 year tradition going is what really matters. - dick fazio, 01/08/2008

Over the past few months, closer to two years, Pogos has continued to be the one place in Vegas were Jazz musicians can come and air their Jazz laundry. On any given friday night you can find between 10 and 15 singers and horn players waiting to show their abilities. Even though Pogos might not be the POSH Vegas type of lounge it has what we call SOUL. - dick fazio, 12/14/2007

For over a year now I have been in charge of the friday night jam sessions at Pogos Tavern. When Irv Kluger passed away I decided that I needed to make a vow to keep jazz alive at Pogos and in doing so brought my own accoustic piano into to Pogos to become a perminent resident. Over the past few months we have had a total of at least 150 different musicians coming into Pogos to enjoy the musical freedom that only live jazz can bring. I feel very fortunate to carry on a legecy that stems back to 1968 and includes some of the finest jazz musicians not only from Las Vegas but all over the world. Sometime in july 2008 we will be celebrating forty years of regular Friday night jam sessions at Pogos and for Las Vegas anything that last forty years has something going. - dick fazio, 10/13/2007

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