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Tailspin Bar & Grill

6295 S Pecos
Las Vegas

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Detail for Tailspin Bar & Grill : Bar / Live music

Live rock bands featured on Sat and Sun. No cover. - wm, 02/18/2003

For those that think quality stuff is dead..check out THURS night at the tailspin..Jazz and way cool. Cash Sax is there. - Levin Fredenburg, 07/12/2007

The place may get some bands - usually 80's metal acts past their prime or local acts looking for a break - but they have no idea how to treat human beings! The bar is huge and takes up the majority of the place. The stage is small - they pack the acts in like sardines. The sound system is dismal - I can find no other word for it. And if a national act is in there, they will make the opening band actually PLAY on the acts equipment rather than have people load in their own gear. Who wants to play on someone else's gear??? They also break all courtesy rules in Las Vegas. Generally, if you are playing money at the Video Poker machines at the bar, you get at least one free drink - especially if you are playing quite a bit. Not here - not unless you argue with them. The bartenders are reactionary and surly; at least two of them. Asking for a drink is a dicey proposition at best, and an insult at worse. They wouldn't know a smile if it came up and bit them. And - they overreact. A friend spent the evening there - spending quite a bit of money to boot - and at the close of the evening handed out a few flyers for an upcoming show at a different venue. Instead of politely stating they prefer you don't do that - the bartender threatened to throw him out for it - and did so. When we were walking our friend out (yes he was angry but never ONCE acted in any manner anyone could consider violent) and he was still fuming about it, the bartender actually HOPPED OVER THE BAR and started threatening us. The situation was already handled - everyone was leaving - and there was no call for it. NONE at all. He just had to have the last word. A few people were stunned outside - seems they have passed out flyers before there and had no issue. I guess you can only do that if you are 'somebody' in the bartender's eyes. Overall, I've never liked the place - and this incident just showed me one more reason to never return. - LPardue, 04/15/2007

The atmosphere is good but there's not enough bar space. If there's a band playing it's very difficult to get a drink. The waitstaff is very snobby!!! If you want to remain sober visit this place on a Friday or Saturday night. - lostronaut, 03/03/2007

I do agree that Tailspin should have its own website...I get info on my email, but I would like to go to the website at my convienence. It would be cool!! - long time rock fan, 08/30/2005

I think Tailspin should have a website, so that the locals can check out their daily breakfast, lunch and dinner specials. Also, they can list the bands playing that week. I know that it's a great bar with a great owner, Doug Osbourne. Please let him know that. He should consider a website for locals to check out daily. Also, their video poker promotions, like card of the day etc,, I think Tailspin should have gambling tournaments for their regular players in the bar who spend tremendous amount of money, and offer unique prizes besides a weekly cash drawing that they have going on now. - Dedicated Customer, 08/13/2003

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