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Alpine Village Inn (closed)

3003 N Paradise
Las Vegas

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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 5 planets.
     Looking for chicken seasoning recepe. Great Restaurant.
           - Ralph .. Jul 04, 2012 18:32:01

RatingRatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 5 planets.
     Fantastic place...Whenever I came to Vegas, ALPINE V.I was my FIRST stop! I was crazy about ALL the foods, starting with the wonderful bread platter, the cold veggies and cottage cheese dip (Wow!), the soups, and then the main courses...Incredible! Then I moved here 4 years ago in 2012 and it was GONE - SO VERY DISAPPOINTED! If anyone will email me the cottage cheese dip recipe w/proper amounts of each ingredient, along with any German bakery location in Las Vegas, I would be so appreciative! Vielen Dank!
           - Ray the Bay .. Aug 03, 2016 20:05:27

anybody have a picture of the old alpine village o3003 paradise rd ,las vegas,nv..send it to -, 11/30/2011

Hello to everyone, who ever has pictures or remembers what they all served besides the cottage cheese and the chicken soup, et me know. How did they serve the cottage cheese? As much informationa as possible please. -, 08/05/2011

We haven't been to Vegas in 15 years. We are going for a wedding in Feb. We hoped to go to dinner. We had a Polish elopement in June 1975 and we had our wedding dinner there. Good to see some of the recipes. - Paula, 09/01/2011

To all that know the bread from the Alpine Village Inn, there is a authentic German Bread Bakery in Las Vegas now that has german bakers here and make fantastic authentic bread. You also can get the Pumpernickel there. The bakery is at 2237 N Rampart Blvd (corner Rampart and Lake Mead Blvd where the Smith shpooing center is) have fun getting some awesome bread you all! -, 08/05/2011

I remember going to AVI the first time in the early 60's when it was in the old location near Vegas Village (how long ago is that?)I live in KY now and went on a visit shortly before it closed. I am glad I found this site to find the recipes. - c Rasche, 03/02/2011

omg.. Remember they used to put sparklers on your b-day cakes!! I also am a native and miss that resteraunt!! And I also have a couple mugs with the blue alpine on them..I have craved that cottage cheese seasoning for sooo long Thank You! - Michelle, 03/04/2011

I still mourn the loss of the AVI. My husband and I have been loyal customers until 1991, when he was transferred to Phx. Whenever we has a chance to dine at this resteraunt we did so. I will always have fond memories of this place. It is were my husband proposed to me and my parents 25th wedding anniverary dinner. I do wish there was a recipe book available. - jputman, 02/19/2011

Wow, I thought I had done Internet searches before looking for info about my all time favorite place to eat in Vegas or for that matter, anyplace! Of coure Im speaking of the Alpine Village Inn. I cant tell you how many times the wife and I visited although I do know that everytime I was in Vegas, we went there over a 20-25 year period. I miss it till this day. We had many menu items that we loved so much and leaving the place FULL was never an issue..LOL. The steaks were top notch but I always vowed to try something different on each visit...I made it through the menu a few times over. One of my fav's was the Wurst plate, the waiter's always played along with this by asking me if I wanted the "Worst" plate in the house. Im glad I purchased two of those pewter mugs from the gift reminds me of all the wonderful times I spent their. Im aways hoping that maybe I missed something, like maybe AVI had moved someplace else in Vegas but I guess this "dream" is not to be. If any of the owners are still around and read this thread...Thank you for all the was a Great Run! Dwight in Calif. - Dwight, 02/28/2011

My Father Played Paino for Years in the Rathskeller Myrle Barber I use to go there when I was i Kid He got me to sing a few times with him! LOVE by Nat King Cole - Rathskeller, 01/12/2011

My Father played paino in the Rathskeller Myrle Barber. I Loved to go to work with my Dad. He was the BEST. Miss you Dad. Lots of People sang along with him. -, 12/22/2010

Does anyone know the recipe for the seasoning at Alpine Village? - M. Girardi, 11/21/2010

My parents and I traveled to Vegas yearly in August. Since my birthday is August 10th I always asked to go to Alpine Village Inn for my birthday dinner. This is the first place I tried sauerbraten. I loved it. My wife, kids and I moved to Germany and lived there from 1985-1993. I ate sauerbraten until it was coming out of my ears. My wife still fixes sauerbraten every year for my birthday dinner. I have always loved cottage cheese, so their seasoning was a natural to me. Fortunately, when a friend made a trip to Vegas shortly before they closed, I asked her to bring me two large bottles of the seasoning. I still have one of them and made some up just a week ago. It was great. Back of bottle lists ingredients as follows: MSG, Sugar, Caraway Seeds, Minced Green Onion, Salt, Black Pepper, Celery Salt, Oregano. - Dale, 10/16/2010

I was thrilled to find this site, with the recipe for Cottage Cheese Seasoning. I am using the last of my Cottage Cheese Seasoning today. I just couldn't stand to use the last of it, until I found the recipe. This was one of the most wonderful restaurants!!! We enjoyed it yearly for many years. We spent our 40th anniversary there. So saddened to find it gone. - Bette, 07/10/2010

Nice to see so many remember this wonder restaurant. I lived in LV in 1982-83 (I was a musician and played with the Freddie Bell Show). The AVI was my favorite restaurant and I have never been able to forget it. I spent plenty of time (and money) dining there, and it was worth every penny. I have never been able to find any restaurant that can replace it. Great memories! - d.c. trpt, 06/13/2010

A gas station scene in Diamonds are Forever filmed right next to AVI I believe. - Fudwinkel, 06/05/2010

Watching Diamonds are Forever today. When Bond is looking at a program for a casino, he notices Shady Tree and his Acorns on the page. Next to that is an actual ad for the Alpine Village Inn, including the correct phone number. Kinda cool... - PaddyO, 03/28/2010

My husband just found this website because he has been dying for the cottage cheese seasoning for years now. He had a small amount left from when it was purchased and he sparingly shared the last bit with me years ago knowing he would not be able to get any more. It's funny, he had been to the Alpine Village Inn when he traveled from AZ to Vegas to work frequently and raved about the AVI in Vegas and I had actually worked at the Alpine Village Inn in Phoenix when it was still open around the year 1972, bussing tables because I was too young to serve customers. Just like the people who have written here about the AVI in Vegas, the Phoenix AVI had the best food ever and was a really wonderful place to work. I remember the great soups, as my boss would let me take home tubs of the leftover soups after closing the Inn every evening because they always made fresh new vats of soup every day and never used the old batches. It either got eaten or dumped and I couldn't see wasting any of it. I am proud to be a part of the history of such a wonderful place, even though it was in Phoenix and not Vegas...... but at least my husband got the pleasure of the one in Vegas and talks about it often. Thanks to all of you who have helped with the recipes. After reading the ingrededients on this website my husband ran to the store and we will be preparing both the chicken soup and the cottage cheese tonight after work! YUMMMMMMM We can't wait! -, 04/08/2010


The old paper sign on the potato. "Sorry I am so small but I have been scrubbed and scrubbed so you can eat me completely!" - R. Styger, 04/02/2010

I like so many of you who have written have many fond memories of APV. As a child growing up in Las Vegas, APV was the restaurant to go too. I had dinned there as well for a couple of my homecoming dances. The thing I remember and miss the most was the house soup. I had been searching for this recipe, as I was craving it, on this cold and rainy day. I was happy to see at least the recipe. Missing APV and it's compfort food to this day. Tina - 1/21/10 - T. Zamora, 01/21/2010

When we moved to LV in 1968 Alpine Village Inn was out on the south end of Las Vegas Blvd backing up to the airport. One of the earliest remarks I heard about the AVI was that the food providers didn't like to deal with the management of AVI because if one thing didn't meet their quality standards,they sent it all back. One bad potato, back came the whole sack. That really impressed me. We really miss Alpine Village Inn. I can't believe that someone can't make a go of a place like that. (raise a boot for a sip) Somewhere in this country there has to be another place like this. - Dick, 02/08/2010

My first job as a boy in the 1950's was at the Alpine villiage Inn. My father owned a car rental agency located at the other end of the shopping center where the APV was located. I was about 13 yrs old and the owner Hershel hired me as a favor to my father. I started off washing dishes and the restuarant was located across from the stardust. These were the "golden years" of las vegas. Simple and uncrowded and I still miss the smell and embrace of the dry desert air. What a mess that town is today. My father said in the 50's the humidity was 2%. It now get as high as 50%. In 1958 a famous screenwriter and close friend of my father called las vegas "the septic tank of humanity". i don't know about then but it looks like a septic tank today!! - Brooks, 10/22/2009

I worked at the Alpine Village Inn in 1986-1987 and absolutely loved it! The owners and staff made it one of the MOST enjoyable waitress experiences I have ever had. Not only a classy place, but the staff was a class act in itself. The food was with a doubt, amazing! I worked downstairs in the Rathskeller. Erline was one of the wonderful gracious cooks at the time. What a wonderful place to work!!! -, 10/09/2009

Alpine Village Inn basement with the aerial trolley models was the site of my bachelor party kick off meal. Elk burgers, schooners of beer and schnapps shots. Fortunately we had a professional driver instead of ourselves. - TomK, 07/23/2009

Alpine Village House Soup - Chicken Supreme Posted by liz at - April 28, 2001 For when you're feeling more like cooking, this chicken soup is a little different and really delicious. I rarely ever use MSG, but I did add it to this although I'm sure you can omit it if you want. Source: Posted by Karen Tuesday, 14 March 2000 at 1:58 p.m. This recipe was featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal after the restaurant closed. The soup was my favorite item on the menu so I was delighted that the owners decided to share the authentic recipe with their patrons. 2 quarts water 2 teaspoons celery salt 2 teaspoons Accent 1 pound ground chicken, cooked 1 medium onion, ground Yellow food coloring, optional 2 teaspoons salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon Kitchen Bouquet 2 tablespoons chicken bouillon 2 carrots, ground up Roux: 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1 cup all-purpose flour To prepare, boil all soup ingredients together for about 30 minutes. To prepare the roux, heat the vegetable oil until smoking. Add the flour and stir with a wire whisk. The oil and flour roux should be the consistency of mashed potatoes. Add the roux to the soup and use the wire whisk to blend. Serve hot and enjoy. NOTE: After I boiled the soup ingredients for 30 minutes I removed the pot from the heat and allowed to cool slightly. I ladled the mixture into a blender, about 2 to 3 cups at a time, and blended until almost smooth. I poured the blended mixture back into a large pot and added the cooked roux and continued to cook until the soup thickened. The blender process gave the soup a creamier texture as was served at Alpine Village. - steve, 08/22/2009

I still haven't gotten over the fact this place is closed. I miss it constantly and other then in Munich I have never had such amazing German Food. The Bavarian Chicken soup in the pewter pots. (a heatattack in a pewter bowl) I had alot of great memories in this place there will never be another one like it. - John Hildebrandt, 08/25/2009

I grew up in Vegas, and the Alpine Village was one of my favorite family places, I went there many times with my parents and friends, I even went there for Homecomings in 1976. The day my husband and I met we had dinner at the restaurant, and visited it a year later when we began our lives together (this was in 1981). We took two of our children there who always enjoyed and still remember the peanuts on the floor. In 1992 we moved to Miami and never again were able to visit the place, but we often talk about it, It was such a terrific place with an incredible and unforgatable atmosphere. I'm sorry to hear it closed down. We will always remember it and miss it. I hope somewhere in Vegas someone is making and selling that great soup! - Luly & Silvio Alonso, 04/12/2009

We used to spend nearly every Thanksgiving at the Alpine Village! Once when my daughter was two days old. Biggest baked potato I've ever seen in my life! Also the goose was so great and the turkey soup, I'd sure like to have that recipe, I wonder is it the same as the chicken soup? It was a very creamy soup. And let's never forget the Rathskeller downstairs with the peanut shells on the floor. Truly missed by many -, 03/20/2009

I used to work at the Alpine Village. It is nice to see that so many people remember this restaurant with such great memories. This was like my second job; I was so young then...1980. I was a busboy, then the head busboy and then a waiter. I really liked working at the Alpine. Even though it was decorated sort of Chalet style, it really had an electric something about it. The celebrities, being right across from the Hilton, etc. The food was awesome, the whole kitchen was like the whole experience, everything, was cast like a movie. I remember sorry she passed away. Well, if anyone sees that remembers the Alpine then, drop me a line or two. Terry - Terry M, 01/19/2009

It was a great loss to Las Vegas when the Alpine Village Inn closed. For the life of me I can't imagine why it had to close. The restaurant was always busy. The dining experience was equal to none. I loved every special occasion I spent there. I always went there on my birthday or any special date. Were any of the recipes saved? Does anyoned know where all the pewter dishes were purchased from. Who actually opened the restaurant? - sarajenkins, 01/02/2009

My wife and I were just watching a program on Las Vegas and mentioned to each other do you remember the Alpine Village Inn. The first time we visited the Inn was on the weekend we were married August of 1967. After that every time we visited Vegas we would eat at the Inn. The food was always wonderful and we loved the motif, all of the little village's etc. We are sorry to hear that the Inn has now closed. Can someone tell me when the restaruant closed. We would love to have a momento from there if any are available. I also would love a recipe book from there. Does anyone have the recipe for the chicken livers. We will always remember the cottage chees dip, the chicken supreme soup, saurbraten, and who could ever forget the tray of pumpernickle bread, little cinnamon rolls and other baked goods, yum yum. Lasr week I had my 12 and 13 year old Grandson's out for dinner were telling them about the Alpine Village Inn, the food and how everything was served on Pewter. They both said they would love to eat there, too bad. Thanks to all of the owners and staff of the Alpine Village Inn for all of the great food and memories. Doug 11-08-2008 -, 11/08/2008

Hello, I too worked at the Alpine Village in High School and college....I have the fondest memories of the food and mostly the friends I made. I went off to college at Michigan State U and when I would come back to LV always stopped by to see all my former co-workers and my boss Gary and Mark. I miss all the folks, such as Alan, Linda and Patti from valet, George....and I do of course remember Inge sorry to hear of her passing. I cam to towm one day and as usual was going to the Alpine village for some soup, cottage cheese dip, capon, potato pancakes, cabbage, green beans....and it was an empty parking lot. I remember Donny Osmond coming in and he was first crush as a little girl and he was so nice to me me and gave me his autograph. I loved that job. What happened the Alpine Village was a landmark part of the history of Vegas, does anyone know what happened? Thank you for the recipes, I miss the Alpine and all the folks there it is such a loss. Thank you for this blog. - Wendy - Hostess AVI, 10/24/2008

I too used to go to the Inn as a child up until I was 17. I do so miss the Fondue, soup, all of it. I am desperately looking for a cookbook from the Inn. I live now in the Pacific Northwest and would love to make some of the comfort foods for my German Hubby. CR--the owners son--do you have any idea where I can get one? 10/18/08 - Dee, 10/18/2008

I was so distraught to find that the AVI had closed. It's been a while since I've been to Vegas, but I have such cherished memories of the AVI. Many people have been posting about the cottage cheese seasoning, and I found a restaurant review for Cafe Heidelberg in Vegas that had it AND the potato salad!!! If you are interested, look into this place...sounded promising! - A.V.I. Rathskellar Fan, 05/18/2008

I used to work at the Alpine Village Inn in 81-83. It was really a great place to work and eat. The entire crew was like a family. I think that came through in the customer experience. Great food in that Disneyland type of decor. I used to wear litterhosen when I went to work and the girls wore dresses that made them look like a St Pauli Girl Beer ad. There were celebrities that came in once in a while like Mac Davis (Who?) and Bobby Gentry (double Who?). I remember Gary, Eddie and the guy who owned the Alpine named Herschel. I think I even remember the other poster on this blog, Mike. I think you were from back east somewhere. I think you married the cute valet parking girl...maybe. Yeah great memories, great service and great food. I liked the sourbratten the best and the chicken soup in those cast iron pots. We kept the cast iron cups that we ladled the soup in, in a large oven. The cups and soup were very, very hot. I cant believe no one ever ate it while carrying one of those large trays of soup. I moved to California and visited the Alpine Village Inn a couple of times. Then, on one visit...I noticed that it was gone. The whole building was gone and it was just an empty lot. They have an Alpine Village in Torrance, CA, but it is not the same by a long shot. The one in Vegas was one of a kind. If you want to build another one, I know the layout by heart. - georgewashingtonbridge, 05/03/2008

My mother worked at the Alpine Village in for years as a waitress, she has now passed on and I desperately wish I could find the seasoning the sold in the gift shop, I used the last of it not too long ago, her bottle was so worn could not read the ingredients. She had quite a few stockpiled after they closed and I am sad they as well as her are now gone, I do have some of the german recipes that she had if anyone is interested - most however were from her not the Alpine Village in. Her name was Inge if anyone remembers her, a true German from Munich who loved serving people the wonderful food -, 04/27/2008

I am amazed at these postings. I worked for the Alpine Village In in 1983/1984. I was a waiter there. If you hung around you could own a piece of that restaurant. I thought for sure that sharing ownership would keep it alive for a long time, and it saddened me to see that place go. Now, I wish I had some trinkets from the place, and I don't. I DO know these things though. One night I went back to ask the cook a question. The lady had some kind of diet issue, and wanted to know if we used MSG in anything. "Everything" the cook told me emphatically. But we could make something for her without it. There was hardly anything there I didn't like, but I enjoyed the Schweinabraten very much. So many years later, I would like to have the recipe for the "Swiss Rosti" potato, and the potato pancakes there. I remember seeing that Rosti getting made, but I can't remember all the ingredients. I remember the faces of a couple of the part owners. One fellow was name Gary. He was usually at the podium assigning seats for patrons. And there was this tall fellow, dark hair, but I can't remember his name. I'm thinking it was "George". There was a bald guy that played the piano in the "Rathskeller" downstairs - they made a pretty good Reuben down there. The other recipes I'd like to get are the Struedel, and the ginger breads. Oh..and I remember this...some lawyer..he was in there a lot, and we ALWAYS had to give him a crispy baked potato...Lou Weiner...amazing you don't forget some of this stuff...I wish I could own a place like that, but heavy food doesn't seem to fly so much out here on the west coast. Kind of sad. - Fat Mike, 03/29/2008

In 1952, after living in Reno for 14 years, my family moved to Las Vegas where Dad took employment as the executive chef at the (then) brand new Riviera Hotel. I had joined the U. S. Navy and, on my first visit home, friends took me to the Alpine Village Inn. I found the service always attentive, courteous, graceful and altogether outstanding. As used to excellent food as I am (Dad was the Chef at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel when Mother met him in 1931 and after returning to the Mainland, in 1935, he served as Chef at the Saint Francis Hotel in San Francisco until moving to Reno to become Chef at the Roosevelt) I found everything on the menu at the Alpine Village In truly outstanding. As a result, whenever I took anyone to dinner while home that was always the destination. I was extremely sorry to learn of its closure and, as do others, would appreciate a lead to where I might obtain the cookbook and/or recipies. Albert M. Forget Command Master Chief Petty Officer, U. S. Navy (Retired) -, 01/03/2008

I'm sorry to the restaurant is closed!!! Loved the unlimited chicken soup served in pewter so will look for the recipe after I write this. I have a bottle of the cottage cheese seasoning (well 1/3 of the bottle) that I ordered years ago. First ingredient is MSG followed by sugar, caraway seeds, minced green onion, salt, black pepper, celery salt and finally oregano. - RS Portland, OR, 11/29/2007

I was a bus boy and then waiter at the Alpine Village Inn, it saddens me so much to not have that tremendous food around now. CR (owners son) who was your father? Do you have any recipes from the restaurant? I remember George, and G.O. and I remember the food, my mouth waters even now. I would love to hear from you. - David Taylor, 12/05/2007

I just made the chicken soup from the recipe provided here but it still lacks the final touches. I put the ingrediants through the blender, then strained everything as I remember a very smooth soup. Was still a bit "chewy" with the chicken although I did strain it. Just not the same - guess I needed the pewter bowls. However, the cottage cheese seasoning seems to be pretty much the same (it is "curing" in the frig til tomorrow). To the owners son, what is the trick? Having lived in Las Vegas for 12 years and visiting the restaurant numerous times what is the secret? Thanks! - RS, 12/06/2007

I found my (empty) bottle of the Alpine Village Inn Las Vegas, Cottage Cheese Seasoning. This bottle is probably an antique. The going price was $2.50/16oz at the time my parents bought this bottle. Unfortunately, mine doesn't have a back label w/ingredients. I've scanned the bottle & am happy to email/post. susieQrealestate - Susie Q, 10/17/2007

I was wondering if anyone out there has the Cook Book that the Alpine Village Inn had for sale in the gift Shop? Thank you MM for posting the Chicken Supreme Soup Recipe and Cottage Cheese Seasoning, just a couple of the recipes that I am looking for. I still miss the Alpine Village Inn tremendously! - B. Alfaro, 11/02/2007

I, too, am looking for that FANTABULOUS cottage cheese seasoning. My parents brought some back from the Alpine Village Inn in Vegas, years ago...actually decades ago. The flavor has never left my was THAT good! In fact, I've still got the empty bottle (perhaps a collector's item in of itself), hoping to one day find the DELICIOUS, and now RARE, commodity. If anyone discovers the whereabouts or the SECRET RECIPE of this WONDERFUL product, I will be forever indebted for the information!!! EMAIL: - Susie Q, 10/11/2007

I was wondering if anyone had the recipe for the Alpine seasoning that they sold in the gift shop??? - mrfmoses, 09/08/2007

Okay Judy just submitted a review that she had the cottage cheese seasoning and was thoroughly enjoying it. Her review is dated 6/15/2007. Judy where did you find it. -, 06/27/2007

Does anyone know where I can get the Alpine VillageInn sauerbraten recipe? It's the best I've ever had. - Lynette M., 07/07/2007


RE: Cottage Cheese Seasoning from Alpine Village Inn: I actually have a small bottle of the Alpine Village Inn Cottage Cheese Seasoning!! I found it in my cupboard!! I kept the bottle because I didn't want to forget it and thought I would find it online (or a recipe) and order it someday. I was going to take a picture of the bottle, but I didn't know if I could post pictures on this site. Anyway, on the back of the bottle are the ingredients: "MSG, Sugar, Caraway Seeds, Minced Green Onion, Salt, Black Pepper, Celery Salt, Oregano" -, 06/25/2007

I want to thank who ever got the recipe of the Alpine Village Inn cottage cheese seasoning. That is great stuff. I still have a little left,and I was so happy to find this site. Thank you, so very much. - Judy S., 06/15/2007

I would also love to have any other recipies that the old ALpine used. Especially the Alpine Seasoning, bread they served, or any of the German recipies. - MM, 04/05/2007

ALPINE VILLAGE CHICKEN SUPREME SOUP 2 quarts water 2 teaspoons celery salt 2 teaspoons Accent 1 pound ground chicken (cooked) 1 medium onion, ground Yellow food coloring (optional) 2 teaspoons salt ? teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon Kitchen Bouquet 2 tablespoons chicken bouillon 2 to 3 carrots (ground) Roux: 1/2 cup oil 1 cup flour Boil all soup ingredients together for about 30 minutes. To prepare the roux, heat oil until smoking; add flour and stir with a wire whisk. It should be the consistency of mashed potatoes. Add to soup and use the wire whisk to blend. -- From Review-Journal files ALPINE VILLAGE SEASONED COTTAGE CHEESE 2 pounds cottage cheese, small curd 1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar 1 teaspoon Accent 1/2 teaspoon white pepper 1 tablespoon dried chives 1/2 teaspoon celery salt Mix all ingredients together and chill for several hours or overnight. Serve as a condiment or as a dip. -- From Review-Journal files - MM, 04/05/2007

I absolutely loved the cottage cheese seasoning. Would anyone have a recipe for it? - M Neff, 03/12/2007

I absolutely loved the cottage cheese seasoning. Would anyone have a recipe for it? - M Neff, 03/12/2007

My dad was part owner of the Alpine Village Inn and I grew up eating chicken soup (my favorite), peanuts, polish sausage and sauerkraut. I even participated in a few commercials. I had many prom and birthday dinners there as well. Anyway, I'm very proud of what my dad helped create, and 'The Alpine' for me will never be forgotten. -CR - Owner's Son, 07/29/2006

I am a native to Las Vegas, pretty rare I know. We always went to the Alpine Village Inn for our proms and other school danaces. We found an old bottle of the seasoning in some of my father's things. My kids loved it, but we do not know where to get it. My kids loved it. Where can we purchase it now? - Beverley Jones, 03/27/2005

Absolutely Wonderful dining experience - from the atmosphere to the delicious food! When we visit Las Vegas we always make it part of our vacation. I wish we could purchase some of their Tremendous Seasoning for Cottage Cheese on line - I have our whole neighborhood addicted to it, Ha! Ha! Their service is top notch too. - Mrs. Patricia L. Schmitt, 11/19/2002

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