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China Star

3743 N Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas

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Detail for China Star : Restaurant, Chinese

I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone! We had recently took a vacation to California. On our way back home, we decided to stop through Vegas and ended up coming upon the buffet. Little to our knowledge we were not prepared for the horrible service that they gave us. Unbelieveable that they would operate a restaurant that depends on future service and satisfied customers for return visit. Since it was July 4th weekend, they jacked up the price up from roughly $15 dollars, to about $18. Not only to mention we had a party of 11 people. Can you imagine the bill on top of the gratuity of 15%? While some of us were waiting on a member of the family that walks with crutches to walk up the stairs, the lady in the front was not at all patient or courteous to the fact that it was taking him longer to get there, and also we wanted to wait for him before we sat down in a family. The other "greeters" were just sitting down

Las Vegas , China Star

in the front and texting away on their phones, not at all professional. We are different families so we were all paying seperate bills but dining together in a family table. The lady in the front automatically tried to seat us, me and my husband, seperately on a table that only accomadates 4 persons. We explained we wanted to sit together, she seemed annoyed and aggitated. We ended up at a table together, but still with a single bill for all of us. Advertised on the window, there was "over a 100 items", which does not seem like this at all. Maybe they were counting each morsel of food that was in each pan?? There are a few buffet tables, which has no variation or combinations. The food did not at all taste decent, and definetly not worth $18 worth to charge. Everyone in the family, which we dine in a buffet all the time, had something to say about how the food was not gross and not worth it. When I went to serve myself from the trays, the food looked crusty, like it has been sitting for a long time. Exactly like when it is not fresh. Then I noticed the ladies who were cooks ? coming out and stirring the food to prevent the crusting of the food sitting to long. The servers did not help us with drinks. We had to continuely ask the servers to bring drinks to us. This buffet, i will not only never ever return, I will never ever suggest anyone to go there. I will more than likely warn people never to go there either. From the moment of walking in the restaurant, you are greeted horribly, served horribly, and the food doesn't cut out to be what it is supposed to be, and to top that off with the high price and then the holiday mark up? That is a rip off.
- MaryAnn Palacios, 07/09/2009

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