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Inaka Sushi

10100 S Eastern
Las Vegas

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Detail for Inaka Sushi : Restaurant, Japanese

Japanese sushi bar and eatery featuring tempura, salmon teriyaki, and gyoza; open Mon-Fri 11:30am-10pm; Sat-Sun 11:30am-11pm. - wm, 07/24/2003

I have been to Inaka numerous times with my family. I've always had excellent service, friendly waiters. I will go back again and again. Food is fresh and GOOD. - Sandy, 12/06/2007

I think this is the best sushi restaurant I have ever been to! The sushi is so fresh and delicious. Even with the all you can eat sushi there are so many special rolls and nice cuts of fish that you don't feel like you are at an all you can eat restaurant. As far as the other reviews go I don't think you have to wait long to recieve your food. It doesn't take any longer at Inaka then it would at any other sushi restaurant that serves fresh fish and takes their time to make your rolls special. I love this place and I would eat at Inaka anyday!!! - Danielle, 09/16/2007

We just started going there and every time we go, we go back the next night. We have sat both at the table and at the bar and the servers and chefs have been funny, friendly and fast. I highly recommend it and we are going back tonight! - mb, 06/16/2007

So I went to Inaka for the all you can eat sushi this weekend. I recieved horrible service. We got the 'all you can eat' sushi. They took about 20 mins between each order, so we only recieved 3 rolls of sushi. During our wait for the last roll a man, whom I assume was the manager came to our table. He asked how we were, I told him we would like to order again. He went to see if we had any sushi coming to us, retrieved it and told us that would be all we were having. It was 50.00 for two all you can eat orders, we only recieved three rolls, and each roll was substandard. I checked my credit card account today to find that on top of horrible sushi and horrible service, they charged me 5 dollars over in what I left in tip. I will be seeking legal ramifications. - M., 02/26/2007

From the beginning we waited and waited and then we waited some more. When the server actually got to my table to get my drink order, it was like 'yeah what do you want' mentality. We waited and waited to get the food order in, but 20-30 minutes was too long for us. I actually had to walk up to the server and give her my order, and some choice words about the horrible service. The other 1 of 2 servers quickly came over and said we should be patient, and realize that there was only 2 servers and started to argue with me. This was a Friday night, why should people suffer because the 'Manager/Owner' doesnt have the intelligence to staff more servers or realize that she needs to quit being so cheap and hire more people I asked to get the name of the manager, and she said I am the manager and owner, and said if you dont like the service you can leave. So I paid for my beer, got my change, called her some more choice names, and left. I really hope this helps prevent someone else from going there, because they have no idea of what it is to own/manage/serve customers. - R1k, 06/17/2006

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