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Las Vegas
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Detail for Kahunaville : Restaurant, Continental / Nightclub

RatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 4 planets.
     The food at Kahunaville was really good, their breakfast menu was very short but within it there were several favorites. Overall I enjoyed my dining experience from the food to the decor. I would strongly recommend!
           - Franki .. Jul 25, 2013 13:20:23

Located in Treasure Island, this tropically decorated room with a Polynesian flair features an engaging waitstaff and an island feel that combine to make this a memorable dining/nightclub experience. Signature dishes include Aloha Salmon Filet and Cajun Chicken Fettuccine. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; bar open daily until 3 am. - Alotta, 08/21/2006

I loved the food at Kahunaville when I was there this past week. I'd like to get the recipe for their spiked potatoes. - Rose M, 03/23/2004

Kahunaville is the best place to dance and have fun. forget pure, lax, and all the other nite clubs. the best bar tender is RANDY from pasadena....YOUR THE BEST!!! - donna, 03/02/2008

I was at the hotel last week for 4 days. I ate in your restaurant twice. The food was terriffic and the atmosphere wonderful. Staff was helpful and polite. I'd like to get your recipe for the spiked potatoes. - Rose McCann, 03/19/2004

When I visited Vegas back in Nov 03 I stumbled upon Kahunaville. 'Alcohol Paul' was the best bartender I've ever had the pleasure of being served by. Not only is this a great place

Las Vegas , Kahunaville

to eat but the Bar Staff puts on a truly amazing display! (you have no idea - stop by and check it out) The food was out of this world. I WILL BE BACK!
- Joette in VA, 02/11/2004

Loved the atmosphere. The entertainment was spectacular and the food was out of this world. I would love the recipe to your terriaki-ginger tuna and potato meal. -, 06/09/2003

My husband and I went to Treasure Island on a business trip, we went to Kahunaville and I had the best meal ever..I would love to have the recipe but I cant remember the name of what I had I know it was like a philly cheese steak wrap thing...Just thinking of this meal make my mouth water and the sudden urge to jump a jet plane to Vegas hits me like a mack truck - Jamie and Misty 5/27/03, 05/27/2003

Loved the bar, been to las vegas 2 times in the past year and have always gone back to the bar.. great bartendars good fun.... Paul is the best flare guy though.. and the hotest lol - Shannon, 02/03/2003

The best bar in town by far! Out of my three nights in Vegas two of them were spent at the bar! The bartenders were all very friendly and very skilled. Will be back there next time we are in town. - Tara, 09/18/2002

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