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Longhorn Casino

5288 N Boulder Highway
Las Vegas

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Honestly, this is what I was looking for in Vegas. After checking out all the super expensive hotels and awed by the flashing lights on the Stripe, at the end of the day, my friends and I headed to Longhorns on Boulder Hwy to chill and regain the strength that we lost from walking miles and miles during the day/evening/night. Food: What more can you ask for when you are eating a $4.99 stake dinner? Everything was well prepared and timely arrived. And $2 pina colada was icing on the cake. Casino: The floor of the casino itself is not that big, which is ok with me and my friends. Enough slots for everyone along with 4 blackjack tables. The dealers are super nice. We were all noobs at gambling so they were teaching us when to stand and when to get more cards. They were very conversational and funny. At the end, we all ended up walking away with more money than we started. I think that alone is a success when you are in Vegas. Bottom line: if you are tired of the huge min. bets and the intimidating people around the table, go to Longhorns. You can stay there for hours and hours accompanied by genuine people who are down with having fun playing blackjack just like a bunch of old friends. We were there for 6 hours during one setting. - Dave, 07/07/2009

This casino is a great find. I come over from LA and really enjoy going where the locals go. - socalgolfguy, 12/03/2008

My husband and I eat at your resturaunt every weekday morning and at least once during the weekend. My husband is a diabetic and request lemon water sometimes. Today we were told that we could not have Sweet and Low, the boss does not allow!!!!!! My oh my, you have sugar on the tables, why cant he have sweet and low? This does not make sense. If the Manager thinks by not offering sweet and low, the customer would order another type of drink, she is sadly mistaken. All it will do is make study customers like my husband and I go elsewhere for our morning breakfast and our weekend meals. Thanks for listening Brenda - Brenda and Bill, 02/10/2008

A very friendly and welcomming casino. Recomend a visit to anyone who travels down Boulder Highway. Jean even hit a Royal Flush, fully loaded. Nice!. - Wolf and Jean, 10/02/2006

I can not wait to revisit the Longhorn Casino. My husband and I had the best time ever with the friendly dealers and staff there. We also look forward to the breakfast is the best!!! See you good people soon. - Michele Brown of N.J., 12/08/2004

Friendly dealers and staff. Mostly locals, but I play there when I come into town from Phoenix. I can play relatively big $$ and my husband can play 'cheaply.' Food in the restaurant is a bargain and it's not bad stuff. At least when you sit down here to play, you are sitting next to someone who understands the game. - Becky, 08/27/2003

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