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Tropicana Pizza

1105 E Tropicana
Las Vegas

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Detail for Tropicana Pizza : Restaurant, Pizza

The Tropicana Pizza on 1105 E. Tropicana Ave has been a regular menu item for me and my family each week. The prices are low and the food is great. Their cooks are always fun if we eat in and make a great pizza. The man in the glasses is a character, but all is well there. - Pizza LOVER, 06/25/2007

My experience with Tropicana Pizza on Nellis and Bonanza was absolutely horrible. It took an hour and thiry minutes to receive an order that was not correct. I called previously before the order came to see where my order was. - Diana, 06/29/2005

I just ate/ordered for carryout at Tropicana Pizza for the first time and had a horrible experience with the Wigwam/Pecos location! Not only was my food cold, soggy, and greasy, when they attempted to 'correct' it- I still didn't get the right stuff- now 2 hours later. I then was told I couldn't have my money back but could get a credit for next time - like I'll ever order there again?! I'd highly reccommend not eating at this location!

Las Vegas , Tropicana Pizza

- furious, 09/10/2004

I had two terrible experiences when I attempted ordering pizza from Tropicana pizza located on Craig Road. Once was forgivable as the man running the place attempted redemption after forgetting the extra ranch I was charged for. My pregnant wife was, nonetheless pissed off! Second time was unreal! Two hours passed as I awaited my pizza and dozen wings with freinds and my wife after a long day of moving. Our order finally arrived with only four wings, stail pizza and again lacking the extra ranch I was charged for. Insult to injury with the whole pizza having mushrooms after my request of half. The mannor in wich this situation was handled disqusts me as I am in the restaraunt business and all I contacted tried their best to avoid us and lie about who to concact for restitution. How you are still in business is a mystery to me. Sorry it came to this, but get a clue as to how a simple take order and deliver business is run. You take our money and we get what we paid for. Not the case on craig road! Sincerely, Glad I Moved! - Glad I moved, 07/11/2004

the tropicana pizza in the bar jackpot jacksons on las vegas blvd south really sucks..i ordered a order of hot chicken wings and called them back 55 minutes later and the lady says they run out of fries the guy went to the 99cent store to get some more, so i say well when was i going to get my order , the lady says i dont know and i said would of been nice to call me back so i then i was really hunger so i called back and asked if they had some they said yes and i reordered them they came about 20mins later and i opened the box and they only give you 7 very little wings. no sauce on them and i called and said 7 for 7.50 she said yes..thats sad...i told her i wanted credit back for them and as im writing this the door rang and the guy said here is some more wings for you i told him to get lost , he said we dont want you to get mad at us for giving you only 7 i thought you got at least a dozen..what a rip off.. i play pool in that bar and have heard bad things about the food to....kaye... - kaye, 01/15/2004

I've tried Tropicana Pizza a couple of times. The biggest problem is grease. Pepperoni & sausage are greasy meats, but this was ridiculous, and the taste wasn't that great. My wife ordered chicken strips and was very happy with the flavor and amount, so all was not a total loss. My reccomendation would be to order NON PIZZA items from Tropicana Pizza. - Gerry, 08/08/2003

I placed an order with Tropicana Pizza on Craig & Camino Al Norte, I assumed that I was getting 2 pizzas, because the flyer says 'Home Of the 2 for 1 pizza'. When the pizza arrived I only received 1 pizza. I asked the driver about the 2 for 1 and he stated that you have to request that at the time of ordering. I called the location back and spoke to the manager/owner, he was very arguementative and stated that I was only charged for one pizza(what difference does that make if it is 2 for 1). He also stated that my order was not available for the 2 for 1, but the flyer cleary states that it is. I feel if you are going to advertise something you should be able to follow through on those advertisements. False advertising is definetely not acceptable. To top off this bad experience, the pizza was too greasy. I know not to order from there anymore. :( - Denise, 06/01/2003

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