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Mermaids Casino

32 E Fremont
Las Vegas

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The Mermaids casino has a storied history. It was opened in 1956 as the Silver Palace, then became the Carousel which was featured in the Bond movie, "Diamonds are Forever." In 1974 it became the Gamblers Hall of Fame, then the Sundance West, then Sassy Sally's. In 2001 it came to be known by the name it bears today. - Alotta, 10/07/2003

Had a great time at Mermaids last week. The wait staff was excellent and friendly. Especially Blanco - wanted to say good-bye to her Sat night but her b ack must have been hurting her again. Had to fly out Sunday but will be back. Please give her the message if possible. (from the short-haired guy who tips her for bringing beer and ice) - trom, 09/05/2004

Just returned from Vegas. My group and I had a blast at Mermaids. Didn't win much, but had a great time. The wait staff is fantastic (Hi Jennifer and Kristen). Always friendly and fun. On the occasions that machines ran out of money, Doctor Jay was right there to assist. Mermaids is a high

Las Vegas , Mermaids Casino

energy, fun place without all of the fluff of the strip casinos. I make Mermaids a regular stop on every Vegas trip.
- Alan 12/29/2009, 12/29/2009

mermaids is cool, but dont think you will like La Bayou its owned by the same company and the mangement in there is one of the worst. her name was barbara and she hates anyone and everyone. I over heard her talking to someone about how she thinks tours are so stupid and easily robbed every time they come in her casino, so i asked her about what she had said and she throw me out. she had 4 men 2 semi large black guys 2 large white guys, give me a break whats her problem. NO MATTER, BEWARE OF THAT PLACE. - mitchell / Dallas Tx., 09/01/2009

I really enjoyed the casino the best part is the never endind drinks,the service....who cares,i came here to get fucked up love the joint - Tempe drunks, 09/01/2009

Let me tell you that I LOVE MERMAIDS. It's not the Ritz or anywhere close but the atmosphere in the evening is awesome. Everytime I go to Vegas I am drawn to evenings at Mermaids. I have come to know most of the employees on a first name basis and they remember who I am everytime I go in. It's like family. If your looking for hot cocktail servers, go somewhere else. This is the cheapest place I know who serves the STRONGEST drinks in Vegas without having to pay an arm and a leg! I love my chats with Mr. Clean aka Chuck, he is the bead guy. I leave with so many beads its funny! A trip to Vegas is not complete without a trip to Mermaids! - Christina, 06/18/2009

Mermaids ROCKS, by far the best casino in Vegas. We had a blast and won plenty. The coctails just kept rolling in and the staff was very friendly. We will definately go back again! - Rich B, 04/11/2009

I had the worst ever experience at Mermaids in all my 14 visits to Vegas. Usually, upon entering the building, you are asked what you would like to drink. This time, they took my drawing ticket (everyone receives one with beads upon entrance)yet, didn't ask me what I wanted to drink. I decided to sit at a machine and put $5 in. By the time the Asian/Hawaiian server came by, I had to ask HER for a drink. She stated that if I would put $5 in the machine, she would bring me one. I told her I was playing my $5 I had put in so, I put another $5 in and another server came by. Reluctantly, she took my drink order but when delivering it to me, she didn't want to give it to me because she said I wasn't playing. This was the rudest, worst experience I have had and I will not patronize such a place that treats its customers this way. - Terri M, 07/10/2008

*** MERMAIDS - I was in Vegas on July 7, 2008. I was having a ball at Mermaids and having great luck with a couple of friends around 11:00 PM. Then the slot machines began jamming or running out of nickels and we had to wait for a tech to repair them. In order to get the money we won, we had to sit while the machines were either unjammed or refilled with more dirty nickels. It was a waste of our time and time in which Mermaid's was not getting any of our money. We continued to win even with the roadblocks and inconveniences thrown in front of us by the run down machines and antiquated payout system. At some point some of the Mermaid's staff heavies started hanging around us while we played. One even was trying to slyly take our photo by pretending to photograph a Mermaid's barmaid propped near us. We decided we were had enough of the dirty nickels spitting from the trashed repeatedly jammed machines and cashed out. I stood near the front entry waiting for my friend who took our buckets of change to the back cashier to be counted and converted to currency. One of the Mermaid's goons who had been hovering near us told me that I couldn't stand, that I had to be sitting and playing a machine to stay inside. He told me that I had to wait outside because I wasn't playing. All around us were people gambling AND people standing watching their friends and others gamble. I explained to the goon that I had just cashed out after playing the machines. He said he had been watching me (why?) and that I wasn't playing. It was a complete lie. His dishonesty c aused Mermaid's to lose me as a customer and a perons who would recommend them to any Vegas traveler. The goon was a short pudgy Middle Eastern type with glasses. I thought he might be carrying an internal anger towards Americans from some bad post 9/11 profiling experiences. It's sad when others judge you with faulty information and what Elvis called "suspicious minds". The goon oozed super bad boy attitude as so many short men with low self esteem given a small amount of power tend to do. Yes maybe my friends and I won too much money too quickly and raised some alarms. And yes, we chose to play older machines which broke down, were jammed up with currency in one case and nickels in another. These were all chance happenstances. There were moments, I'll confess, when we spoke in Spanish. I'm surprised goon didn't contact Homeland Security unless he feared for his own well being. Goon and camera guy were on the hunt for any unusual behavior and I guess we were unusual -- we won a shitload of money in spite of their throwback primitive machinery and their management's sub-human behavior and lack of people skills. I have to add that the Mermaid's booze slingers were all as sweet as could be. I watched one stop to see the outcome of a Wheel of Fortune spin and she was excited at the player's win. That was charming. I'm not as impressed with the "Mermaid" booze slinger who helped camera guy set up the fake photo shots so that he could get our pictures. One mechanic working at Mermaids fixed the numerous jammed, malfunctioning or non-paying machines for us and was terrific. He was pleasant to talk with and offered this out of towner some basic info on slot gambling as he repaired the machines. Tall guy with dark curly hair. He will go far and enjoy success in life. I tipped him $20 for his great customer service. I saw the mechanic on my way out after the banishment. He was shocked as I told him swarthy goon told me to stand outside. "No way!", he said, "No way!" I also tipped the attractive black woman counting the endless heavy tubs of nickels for her politeness and steadfastness. She seemed genuinely appreciative. Mermaids -- send your goons to charm school. On second thought, shutter your operation. - Innocent Paying Customer, 07/07/2008

We went to Mermaids on St. Patty’s day. Mermaids is totally awesome, with a friendly staff, slot machines that pay, waitresses that come around often and the best drinks for the money. Mermaids represents the true downtown Vegas atmosphere. - Walt - Seattle, 03/21/2008

Spent the afternoon at Mermaids, had a great time, staff were very friendly and the girls are HOT. Good food, lots of drinks, even won some money. It is nice to go to a Casino run the way they use to be run. We'll definately be back. - Tony & Polly, 03/14/2008

My fiancee & I go to Vegas every year and we always make sure to stop at Mermaids. Great atmosphere, extremely friendly and down to earth staff (especially Michael) and fantastically strong cocktails! We like the 5 cent slots in the back corner, where you can play for ages and the drinks never stop coming. The staff is so laid back here it's great. We just feel really comfortable and always have fun! Mermaids is our favorite casino in downtown :) - veronica, 02/27/2008

We are comin back again for Easter. We cant recall how many times we have been to Mermaids but it is definitely one of our favourites. Had a BLAST on New Years with Anka and New York. Hope to see ya all there again. We recomenf this place to anyone who want to let go and have good time. - Marty N Gail, 02/28/2008

Mermaids is the best. Drinks right as you walk in the door. Friendly staff and fun everywhere you go in the place. My buddy's line was "follow the noise" as they almost want you to win. Jennifer and Kirsten were wonderful.Thanks for the great casino experience. - Mike, Mike and Paul, 02/29/2008

The Mermaid Casino made our Vegas trip wonderful. The staff was fun and very good at keeping the drinks coming. They were friendly and cared a lot about us and our needs. We will definately re visit the Mermaid Casino on our next trip! Thanks for making it fun for us! - The Young's, 09/14/2007

My wife, and I just got back from what was probably our most enjoyable trip to Vegas. All because of Mermaids! The casino manager, and staff, most notably "Candy" were with no doubt the reason we stayed as long as we did. If for the fact that we had show tickests we would have satyed probably the night playing THERE. Mermaids will be the first stop for us on return, in the near future. Don't miss a chance to stop in, and let yourself have fun like never before. Thank you to Mr. Mims, and "Candy" you are teh best. - Never to much fun, 08/26/2007

i just visted las vegas for the the first time July 2007 i stayed at binions downtown,next door is the mermaids casino what a super place with a excellence staff love the slot machines drinks and food kitchen .99 cent all beef hot dogs chocolate dipped bananas its a must 2 go there i vote them # 1 Marshall from Bridgeport Connecticut - Marshall Gordon, 07/18/2007

Lousy noisy and arragant casino. Count your cash when winning because they blame the machine as they pay off less than the winning amount. From the manager down this place is the worst ever. Avoid it at all costs!!! - wwg, 05/20/2007

My wife and I went to Las Vegas last week and had a great time at Mermaids. The staff did a wonderful job and the casino is like a taste of "Old" Las Vegas. Back in the 70's and 80's when it was really fun. There are a lot of places that are newer and more modern, but Mermaids is just plain fun. The slots are the old reel type that use money instead of tickets and we actually won a little. A special note of thanks to Lonnie, the slot guy, who kept things running smooth and made the experience more enjoyable. - Charlie T, 04/26/2007

Been to Vegas a couple of times but this was my first trip to Fremont.It was amazing,a real 'down to earth'enviroment.Had football sized drinks and Mermaids did not mind refiling them at a respectable price.My friends and I partied into the wee hours.Thanks to all the staff at Mermaids for their hospitality and good nature.I will be back. - My head hurts this morning, 01/28/2007

Been to Vegas a couple of times but this was my first trip to Fremont.It was amazing,a real 'down to earth'enviroment.Had football sized drinks and Mermaids did not mind refiling them at a respectable price.My friends and I partied into the wee hours.Thanks to all the staff at Mermaids for their hospitality and good nature.I will be back. - My head hurts this morning, 01/28/2007

Love this casino! Kerstian was the best waitress in the world! Not to mention she has the most awsome tattoo of betty boop on her leg. If you want to have the old vegas feel in an very comfortable atmosphere where the slots drop the coin, literaly, come here you won't regret it. Oh and they have the most awsome sets of mardi beads out. - Biker Betty tated guy, 01/12/2007

Had a great time at Mermaids the last time. Looking forward to coming bacn in a couple of weeks. Love the Coney Dogs and cold draft beer !! - Fishard2000, 07/27/2006

I have been to Vegas a few times and each time it just didn't have that excitement that everyone just raves about. The other night my husband and his parents strolled in your casino and we not only had a great time drinking (affordably) but we also walked out with a pocket full of money! The staff was laid back and fun we finally felt like we weren't bothering you to be there having fun! We'll be back! - Heather B, 03/16/2006

Mermaids was extraordinory. I met and fell in love with one of the bead girls working outside of there and I am still in touch with her. She will be coming to visit me in Wyoming. Be back next year. Peace and love XOXO - bugdude, 11/30/2005

My husband, my parents and I had a blast at Mermaids!!! It was one of our favorite places we visited in Las Vegas while we were there in October 2005. The waitstaff were very friendly and always made sure that we had drinks. We can't complain about all the beads we received from there either!! The music played made for a fun atmosphere. We just couldn't get enough that we went back several times to enjoy the fun we had there! Keep up the good work and we will visit again when we get back to Vegas in the future!! - Vanessa, 11/12/2005

32 East Fremont Street has a storied history. It was opened in 1932 as the Silver Club, in 1956 as the Silver Palace, then in 1967 became the Carousel which was featured in the Bond movie, 'Diamonds are Forever.' In 1974 it became the Gamblers Hall of Fame, then in 1976 the Sundance West, then in 1980 Sassy Sally's. In 1993 it came to be known by the name it bears today, Mermaids. From 1951 through 1971 Louigi's Broiler shared the building. - Las Vegas Mikey, 10/02/2005

Always have a good time at Mermaids. We visit Las Vegas twice a year and always stop there. Waitresses are wonderful, friendly and your never looking for one to get a drink. Gabriella's a sweetheart. - Tommy L - OKC, OK, 09/18/2005

Mermaids was my favorite Casino to go to during my September '04 Las Vegas trip. The wait staff was wonderful, the slots were generous and the fun seemed to never end. I look forward to another visit in February '05. - Andrew Dunlap, 10/04/2004

We went to Vegas for News Years and our first nite there stopped at the Mermaids Casino and closed it down. We had a fantastic nite and went back New Years Eve and had a better time. Love the waitreses big kiss to Analina, and all the girls...and a big hug to the Manager. Look forward to seeing all of them again this New Years. - Marty & Gail -Crazy Canuks Edmonton Albe, 09/11/2004


My sisters and I visited The Mermaids in March 2004. The place is great! Lots of fun and the staff is really friendly. Great 99 cent Margaritas as well as lots of free drinks! Played Elvis and Pinball slots and had a ball! Plan to go back to Vegas in May and this will definitely be one of the places I go! - Betty Johnson, Portland Oregon, 03/24/2004

We have been to Vegas 4 years in a row and our favorite place to gamble and have fun is the Mermaids. Thanks for such great service and a great time - Blair Herring, 06/20/2003

I moved to las vegas a year ago from illinois. I have since returned to illinois but i am now planning on moving back to las vegas in 2 weeks. While i was in Vegas the place i liked best was Mermaids . The cocktail watresses were all very nice and more beautiful than the girls at the strip casinos . I cant wait to go back. the gambling pays out good there also. stay away from the La Bayou ( same management) it is the opposite of mermaids. The security and waitresses are very rude. Keep up the good work Mermaids. I hope JAI still works there. she is the best worker there. Tammy is also very nice when doing payouts and jackpot calling hostess. - thegame2002lh (Larry Howlett), 05/16/2003

Had the time of my life there last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we are coming back in March to do it again!!!!!! Jason, TX - Jason Travis, 01/23/2003

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