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El Jardin

1831 Tower

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Detail for El Jardin : Restaurant, Mexican

One of the nicest looking places in Glenview, but my positive remarks stop here. My husband and I sat at the bar and we practically had to mix our own drinks. We have been there a few times, and the terrible service and the lack of respect from the manager is a big turn-off. The bartender was charming enough, but the few occasions we were there, he seems more interested in the lady costumers, then he is about serving drinks and making money for the house. Three times we have seen him ignore costumers to muse over a very beautiful and charming lady who frequents the place and muses over him as well. Perhaps his wife or girlfriend, although older than him. Next time, we will bring our own brownbag and just sit back and watch the show at the bar. - Ted and Lisa, 04/10/2007

I went to El Jardins Norte this past weekend on a first date. This couple next to us thought we were cute(I am 50 and she is 45) and brought us a vase of flowers from

Glenview , El Jardin

the bar so we would have atmosphere. The manager came over and said ' I hope you know those are our flowers and you will not be leaving with them.' Ok, I get they were not ours and we did not plan on taking them, but was that tone necessary like we were teenagers. We then watched the same manager or owner be rude to these two girls next to us who were just sitting and drinking and chatting. He told them to leave, so we bought them a drink and invited them to our table. The owner came to our table to take the flowers again and in principal I said we are enjoying the flowers and we are not taking them, so please leave them. He then said' I am glad you know that you are not taking them. The lady who gave them to you from our bar did not buy them.' The lady who gave them to us was at the table next to us with her husband, they are in their late 50s and said leave the flowers they are on their first date. I have never seen an owner offend so many people in a restaurant before. It was crazy. Don't go there, the food is bad and the service is worse.
- Bruce, 04/22/2006

I had the displeasure of eating at El Jardins Norte this weekend. As we all know El Jardins is known for their Margaritas and not their food. My friend and I went their this past friday for margaritas and appetizers. We waited 10 minutes to sit outside which was great since it was a nice night. They were not crowded and not too many people waiting for seating. We ordered 2 margaritas each and nachos, our bill was over $50 for just that and we planned on ordering more drinks. As we were nearing 1/2 way through our second drink the manager says to us that unless we are ordering dinner we need to leave. He could have said, I am not sure if you are aware we have a policy that our outside seating is only for dining patrons and we would be happy to seat you inside at the bar and we are sorry for the inconvenience. They did not tell us that when that sat us that we have to order and I think if we ordered food and not drinks our tab would have been smaller. I guess they were not happy with the amount of money we were spending. The couple seated next to us seeing the ignorance and lunacy of the owners behavior bought us two drinks and said we should stay and not be forced to leave. The manager then sat at our table to ask us why we are still sitting there, can you believe this lunacy?! The couple next to us asked us to sit at their table so the manager and the owner can have their table for whoever is waiting. We moved over and they never sat anyone at our table and we stayed another hour with our new drinks and new friends. When we did pay our bill we did give our waitress the benefit and paid her 20% tip, the manager on our way out said 'thanks for the tip' in a most sarcastic manner. Their food is bad, their service is abhorable and only their house margaritas are decent. Don't go their. - Linda RS, 04/22/2006

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