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Front Street Cocina

112 N Hale St

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Detail for Front Street Cocina : Restaurant, Mexican

Contrary to the other review I find Front Street Cocina, which by the way is associated with Front Street Cantina in Naperville, this eatery is a fantastic restaurant and the beans are quite unique. They must be doing something right to have expanded to this location from their previous location on, by strange "coincidence", Front Street. Can't beat the Fresh chips and salsa as well as the incomparable Margaritas. - lawrence, 12/23/2003

A Wheaton spot (don't confuse it with the Front Street *Cantina* in Naperville) that's more of a meeting place than an eating place. They offer pub grub with a Mexican flavor. I remember the refried beans tasted like they were straight out of a can! - Kevin, 08/01/2003

I'm from Wheaton, and living in Arizona. The food in Arizona is not good. I would love Front street to have an Arizona location the menu from top to bottom is hands down better than any of the stuff I'm forced to eat in the southwest. Go Bears!!! - azsmalls2010, 06/28/2010

All these people who don't like this place are a bunch of cry babies! I

Wheaton , Front Street Cocina

understand that you are going to have better Mexican food in Texas or Arizona, Duhhhh! The food at Front Street is really good. It is one on of the only places in the Western Suburbs in which you can get a margarita and a meal under $20(and they both taste good).
- Garrett, 09/26/2008

Very dissapointing. Atmosphere is non-existent, Taco Bell has more authenticity. When I walked in, a Patty Smith tune was being pipe in throughout the restaraunt. The steak in my burrito was tough as nails, my father's Carne Asada was medium-rare, as ordered, however a two-thirds of it was almost raw and the other part medium. Margarita's, though tasty, did not appear to have any alchohol in them. The only good thing about the experience was the service. - SteveB, 02/03/2008

This is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I call it 'nouvelle' Mexican b/c it's all very fresh and modern in terms of ingredients. Great black beans. Great Margaritas too. Four stars. - Tina, Wheaton, 12/23/2006

Front street cantina in naperville and front street cocina are both AWESOME restaurants! My wife and I eat at

Wheaton , Front Street Cocina

both locations all the time and it's always great food and service.
- chad, 09/14/2006

I have eaten here a dozen times and have never been disappointed. The shrimp tacos are terrific. - Mark, 07/06/2006

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