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Southern Fires

575 Bellevue

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Detail for Southern Fires : Restaurant, Soul / Take out

Great homestyle soul food cooking! Possibly the best food in Detroit!! - Darrell K, 03/08/2005

The service was horrible!! We waited an hour and a half for three chicken dinners. The manager was rude and I will never go back. - Tina, 11/18/2007

We've eaten there twice. Both times, it took a while to get initial drinks and have our order taken. The food is good, and not too expensive. - Roger, 12/19/2006

The times that I've eaten/dined @ Southern Fires has been absolutely great. The food actually tastes like southern cooking. Although there was a situation in which my take out order was incorrect, the manager graciously extended excellent customer service. I have been and will continue to suggest everyone to this appetizing enviroment:>) - Tanui, 11/06/2006

Southern Fires has the BEST soul food in Detroit. It is the only place I eat in Detroit. The service is a little slow, yes, but with the lines out of the door, you expect a wait. However, please, please, work on the carry-out. It is a little too slow. - rmarshall, 11/02/2006

The food is cold and the service is slow. Get it together or someone one else will have your customers. - KC, 09/20/2006

The food is good, the service not so good. The fried chicken is the best I've tasted in Detroit. Please work on the service! - DeeDee, 09/01/2006

I like there food, but the service is terrible if you call in an order they do not open up there mouth so that you can understand them on the phone. Also the order is never ready you still have to wait at least 15 min with a call in. When I am in town I try to go there and eat but they need to talk to there employees and improve there people SKILLS try being a little more friendly because without customer there would be NO NEED FOR THEM!!! - s, 08/15/2006

When I eat in the food is cold and service slow take outs are always hot-- tHE FOOD IS SO GOOD THAT I WILL STILL CONTINUE to eat there unless they change their menus the service canbe a lot quicker let just be hopeful - ks, 08/02/2006

Slow, Slow, Slow Service. Cold, Cold, Cold Food. From food order to serving: 45 minutes. Medium-well T-Bone steak was not hot, warm. Mashed Potatoes were cold, hard and barely splashed with gravy. Pinto Beans were good. Service was horrible. - Detroiter, 07/25/2005

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