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1 N Reid at Spurling
Hamilton, Bermuda

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Newer club in Hamilton; review pending ! - sys, 05/27/2001

The palace is rubbish the only people that go r all 12 to 16 year olds the bouncers are big apes that when thay get the chance thay will kick the crap out of u. u try walking about and ur feet stick to the floor when was the last time it was cleaned the only good thing about the place is the music. as soon as sum whare new opens like center piont in motherwell no 1 will go to the palace. - LOUIE, 09/10/2004

palace is a nice place to go to but you get put of right away by the arrogant cloakroom attendant who works upstairs with the blonde hair who i think has an attitude problem she is the most miserable person you could ever met on a night of ---whatever you do dont lose your cloakroom ticket she gives you - JIM, 08/08/2004

hamilton palace is full of nice lookin girls esp wee vicky who works in new 30's, she's hot! find out 4 urself wot hamilton palace is like by gettin down there n checkin it out! - mark, 06/15/2004

Hamilton Palace is the place 2 b! Its gr8 4 dancin and gr8 4 havin a laugh! There is 3 floors, first floor allstars, 2nd floor restaurant, new 30's, piano bar, third floor thirty something and the palace! right enough their elevator cums in handy when ur feelin horny!!! - ????, 06/15/2004

I think the palace is great!! i duno y so many ppl dis it! I started going about a year ago and go most saturdays and have recently started going the odd friday and thursdays. Its close 2 home and u know alota the ppl, ad for the talant theres not much! the odd one or two now and again! ANYONE can pull here! i luv thursdays there! The worst thing about it is the MASSIVE TAXI Q's!! - Ashley, 12/20/2003

the palace if not for dancing is a great place to make out as i once pleasured a guy on the dance floor. - debbie c, 05/15/2003

the palace is only good on a thursday, saturdays are far to busy and sundays are grab a granny night. the bouncers are all reasonably friendly especially the big italian guy. cant say much 4 the dancers their all crap with the exception of allanah who occasionaly dances on a saturday and the toilet attendants are sound. - anonymous, 05/09/2003

good music and even better atmosphere! We are in there every week!! - anonymous, 04/16/2003

i think the palace teen nights are really fun... they just don't have much advertisements out, so you never know when they are. But it's pretty fun when u go! - funnygrl, 04/15/2003

I think the Palace is brilliant, Me and my friend went for the first time on Saturday, we thought it was so much friendlier the people and the bouncers were great. I also think its good that its for different ages coz like any other clubs u normally find that theres all 15 years olds n that. We are definatly gonna go back :) - Chelley, 04/01/2003

The palace: good in small doses. I only go maybe once every couple of months - its good that way. The talent can be very mixed - but if you really want to pull you'll manage. - Dangerous, 03/21/2003

the palace is a really good night 30's the best the music is great and the people are very nice. - lisa green 04/o4/2003, 03/04/2003

fridays in the main club room are a great laugh! commercial dance mixed with an hour of sexy r&b in the middle good night out ! - clair b, 01/26/2003

The Palace is great on a Saturday but pish on a Friday. My fav night is a Thursday. If your looking for talent sorry coz i've been going for years and it just doesn't get any better. The bouncers are ok sometimes other times they can be fannies. - LL, 01/24/2003

I have stopped going to the palace, for the simple reason it is full of 15 and 16 year olds. i was in last christmas and met a girl who was only 14 years of age which i think is Atrocious. so i will not be back.......... - karen cunningham, 01/19/2003

the palace is rubbish. it ruined what used to be a great scene in Hamilton with 3 niteclubs at one point. A monopoly is bad and the palace proves this. Long live choice! -, 01/16/2003

I LOVE the palace and i dont understand how anyone can say its a dump. Its way cleaner than any club in glasgow or anywhere else ive been.Its always busy but with room to omve. Just dont go at Halloween, you cant move!!!This is a great night out and is reasonably priced for a club. - Chazza B, 01/13/2003

The palace is a great night out on a Saturday. Somewhere to go for a good dance thats close to home. Stick to the main room for a great atmosphere. Not much talent, but its hamilton, what d u expect! x - Suz, 12/02/2002


I don't go to the palace all that much but when I do it's great! Fridays and Sundays are best! People say it's a dump but we use it so we should help keep it maintained and show it off to it's best. I live quite rural so it makes a change from going down the local! - anonymous, 09/19/2002

personally, i think its too expensive and too busy on a saturday. go on a thursday for a good laugh! - anonymous, 09/18/2002

the Hailton Palace is astually a really good night out. I have always found the staff very friendly and Sexy (esp. Brian)x - CJ, 08/24/2002

the palace is a dump but i suppose its all us that make it like that, and its the only dancin there is in hamilton. - Alison, 08/05/2002

Go on a Thursday for the best night. Only one room is open and theres a better atmosphere. I get lost when I go on a Saturday! - anonymous, 04/04/2002

the bouncers in the hamilton palace are really arrogant and totally not at all friendly I mean we are the ones who pay their wages in going to the club so a bit of civility and respect doesnt go a miss! - jolleen parton, 01/28/2002

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