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Cafe Gio

36 Water St
St George's, Bermuda

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Detail for Cafe Gio : Restaurant, Italian

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My husband and I actually got married in Bermuda and asked Cafe Gio to do our reception. They were BEYOND helpful (espeically Davana) and just about 1 year later, people are STILL talking about how outrageous the food was!!! - Erika, 07/05/2008

We sailed to Bermuda in November 2005 from Annapolis. After a stormy time at sea, we arrived in St. Georges and found this wonderful restaurant. Would you believe that it was so good that we dined there two nights and wished we had done more. The main entrees were always fresh, well seasoned, and presented with a flair. My daughter is going to Bermuda for a wedding in Nov 2006 and I just recommended she dine there too. - Ted K, 10/31/2006

Had lunch and dinner here several times while we were on holiday. The food was excellent as was the service. The manager was extremely welcoming and accomodating. Defitnatley recommend the local fish. - sharon, 08/06/2006

We chose this restaurant in St. George because it was an interesting little place on the water. We had a great view of the ocean and the cruise

St George's, Bermuda , Cafe Gio

ships. The food was excellent. The space was small but you don't feel crowded by the people sitting around you. The serveice was excellent. The waitress was very kind and didn't rush us to order and liked to talk about her home when we inquired. Moderate price.
- Jen from Boston, 12/08/2005

New to the area, I have eaten here 4 times within the past 20 days with assorted company. Twice for lunch and twice for dinner. Each time everyone experienced beautifully presented, excellent tasting fresh food. They do an exceptional job with local fish. Menu selections are not traditional Italian - I didn't even know they were considered Italian! Definately my favorite restaurant in St George's. - A visiting sailor, 12/15/2005

Cafe Gio , St George's, Bermuda

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