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1 Park Road
St George's, Bermuda

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Detail for Mulligan's : Restaurant, Continental

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Known for its award-winning fish chowder, this eatery is located in the club house of the St. George's golf course. Menu includes Alfred's schnitzel sandwich, local grilled Wahoo, Cajun chicken breast, burgers, and the St George's club sandwich. Lunch served 11:30am-4pm; Dinner Friday night only. - wm, 07/05/2004

The best Breakfast in Bermuda!! My wife and I stayed at St. George's Club time share and were delighted to discover Mulligan's restarant at St' Georges golf Club. You must try the 'Golfers Breakfast!!' 2 pan toated English muffin halfs with a heafty slice of ripe tomato, a slice of Canadian bacon, with a fried over easy egg and a slice of chedar cheese on each half, sure to cure the heartiest of appetites! We were also treated to a Friday night dinner 'LOBSTER SPECIAL TO DIE FOR!!!' Best lobster I and the wife have ever had! (in season only) Chef Alfred Conrad and his lovely Daughter fussed and fawned over us like we were Royalty! It is a bit out of the way if you are staying near Hamilton or near the south beaches, but it will be worth the trip. I believe they have a special dinner every Friday and reservations are required, so call early! Another associated restaraunt that was excellent is the 'North rock Brewing company' great food and reasonably price! We are headed back to Bermuda on the 25th of August!! yippee!! - Hal H, 07/30/2006

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