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    Hibari Sushi

Sushi. On a conveyor belt.

This is such a great idea, we had to give a try to see if the stories were true. The verdict: the sushi is great, and the price is decent.

We stopped by at Hibari, located just west of the Prince Hotel in Shinjuku. After sitting down we surveyed the situation .. and eventually figured out that you grab a plate, eat, and then begin stacking the plates as you enjoy your meal. Soy Sauce is provided on the counter, look for wasabi on the conveyor belt. Miso soup is included (the cook will place that in front of you).

You can call out orders, and the chef will make them, e.g. Sa-mon (Salmon), Maguro (Tuna).

When you're done, simply get up and walk to the register. The cook will call out the number of plates, and you pay. Our lunch ($8) was roughly 1/3 the price of a similar sushi lunch (sit-down) in America.

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