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    Walking Around

Walking Around Tokyo

With traffic oriented on the left side of the road, pedestrians travel on the left side of walkways and stairs. Many sidewalks have yellow lines down the center, thus demarcating the separate directional flow.

Getting to a desired location can be difficult, as street signs are mostly absent or are in Kanji; building address are also difficult to find and deciper. We got lost several times, and had to give up on several target places due to time constraints.

The best way to get somewhere, once you are at the closest rail stop, is via GPS. This requires a bit of planning, as you need access to a PC to get the GPS coordinates for the destination ahead of time. First, find the location via Google Maps, and zoom in on it. Note the GPS coordinates are in the address line of your browser. Write these down. Next, using a GPS device (Garmin makes some interesting devices), you can walk toward your target, the goal being to make the GPS coordinates on the device match those that you've written down.

We tried the Backtrack by Bushnell, but had mixed results as the compass failed to work half of the time (also there are no GPS coordinates displayed on the readout).

Tokyo Tower with Mount Fuji in the Distance
Tokyo Tower with Mount Fuji in the Distance

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