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    Park Hyatt Hotel

Located in west Shinjuku, the Park Hyatt Hotel is perhaps the most famous in Tokyo, due to the film Lost in Translation.

The hotel features four upscale restaurants and two lounges.

The Park Hyatt Hotel is about 30 min walk from the Shinjuku train station - go past the Lumine shopping complex.

If you enter the office building (in the same complex) the entry to the hotel is somewhat hidden .. look for a wood-paneled wine bar with a staircase. Up the stairs, you'll see some modern sculptures and the main elevators to the hotel.

There are several Japanese restaurants in the lower level of the office building - we skipped the pricy hotel eateries and enjoyed Shabu Shabu for under $50!

The Peak Bar - we sampled the Sidecar, which was quite good.

Shabu Shabu eatery, lower level

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