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    Nakano Train Stop

Nakano Broadway

One of the coolest indoor malls in the city, Nakano Broadway is the place to go for Manga books and figures.

Exit the Nakano train station, walk north .. look for the labeled entrances, or one of several green archways to get inside the mall. One of the entrances is a few doors away from Mister Donut.

Right near the center of the mall there is a 'computer junk' store, which is good for finding any parts or cords that you might need during your trip.

Once inside the mall, try to find the main building (with stairwells) .. this is where the Manga and trendy stores are located. Mandarake seems to be a very popular store.

This corrider leads to Nakano Broadway.

Mandarake has several different stores here, offering every imaginable type of Mango and Figurine.

South entrance of Nakano Broadway

The Nakano Gai Scene (Gai = street, local)

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