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    PASMO Card

PASMO - the best train and bus pass

Once you arrive in Tokyo, try to get a PASMO (pronounced PAZ-AH-MO) card as soon as possible. This will allow you to use the trains, subway, and buses by simply touching your card to the target pad at the top of the gate (usually blue in color).

In most subway stations, you'll find a group of 3-5 ticket machines in the same area. Look to the rightmost machines, for those that can dispense the PASMO card. Touch the English icon on the screen to see the insructions in English. Charge up the card with an initial Yen payment (we recommend 2000), and you're good to go.

You can return at a later time, to add more money. Select the CHARGE option to add money to your card. We added an additional 2000 on our card, so we'd be ready for our next visit to Tokyo.

Also note that PASMO can be used to buy drinks at many of the vending machines around the city! Simply touch the card to the pad, select a drink, and touch the card to the pad again to confirm.

Handy phrases:

Where is pasmo card?
paz-ah-mo wa doko des ka?

Where is the train?
densha wa doko des ka?

Where is the exit?
de-gucci wa doko des ka?

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