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Shibuya is known for its hip young crowd, shops, clubs, and love hotels.

Tokyo residents pronounce the name as "shib-ee-ah". Cool stores to check out here include the Tokyo Hands department store and Mandarake (Manga).

From the train station, locate the Hachiko dog statue near exit 8. Then get your bearings, and look for the 109 movie building. Facing the 109 building, if you go right, you'll be in the right direction for the mentioned stores, if you go left, you'll be heading towards the night clubs alley (marked by a Pac-Man like sign).

The Hachiko Statue is perhaps the most photographed item in Tokyo!

The Docomo NTT Corporation has licensed Star Wars characters to promote its wares.

If you see the Dubliner, you are on the way to the alley leading to the nightclubs.

This entrance leads to the biggest nightclubs in Shibuya.

Culture of Asia is owned by the same company which owns Club Asia

Indeed, this is a pet store.

This crossing is known as the busiest in Tokyo - it was featured in the Amazing Race.

Gas Panic has decent drink specials.

Culture of Asia is owned by the same company which owns Club Asia

Scramble (above) is located near the Hachiko statue - a decent place for breakfast, and then later on for a beer (it turns into a lounge of sorts in the evening).

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