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    Shiodome / Shio-site

Shiodome Center / Shiodome Site

Shiodome (pronounced Shee-oh-dome-aye) is a new cluster of office buildings, hotels, and restaurants, located on top of a subway station. The two main hotels are the Royal Park Hotel, and the Park Hotel. The lower-priced Park Hotel is located at the top of the Nissay Tower (triangular shaped).

This is a great place to stay (or visit) as it is on top of a subway station, and near the main fish market (Tsukiji Fishmarket - a great early morning venture). A cab ride to/from Tokyo Station will run about $10 from Shiodome.

When entering or exiting the complex on foot, it is best to use the walkways/bridges located on the 2nd level.

Nissay Tower / Park Hotel

City Center / Nippon TV

Clock Facade for TV Station - stop by at 8pm for animatronics show!

Royal Park Hotel

Getting your bearings, from Lion Beer Hall.

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